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Project Paradiso is a prestige project from Young Film Academy (YFA), offering a select group of YFA’s most promising students aged 16-20 the chance to create a stunning short film in a cinematic location in Sicily, Italy.

This ambitious not-for-profit project unites educational training with a real-world film industry opportunity – offering participants the experience of a lifetime.



Update December 2023: YFA’s selected students for Project Paradiso 2024 have successfully fundraised their film. Shooting will begin in Sicily, Italy in February 2024!!!

Update February 2024: Shooting is complete! Our 2024 horror film is now heading into post-production!


Click here to watch the Trailer for ‘Strings’

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Click here to watch the Trailer for ‘Lemons’

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For Project Paradiso 2023, YFA selected 21 students (aged 16-20) to join specific departments. YFA launched a successful crowd-funding campaign, in which each participant was responsible for raising a proportion of the budget.

Guided by YFA staff, talented writing students crafted a compelling script for the actors and filmmakers to bring to life.

In February 2023, the filmmaking and acting students joined YFA staff in Sicily to shoot the film, against the majestic backdrop of Mount Etna.




Project Paradiso was a life changing experience for me. Being able to work on such a unique programme with likeminded, talented and creative individuals is an opportunity unlike any other. Being selected for this project was a really empowering feeling, as if validating my love and enjoyment of making films. Project Paradiso was a taste of the industry. Now I feel prepared to enter it in full force, and, particularly working as a 1st AD, with the management skills and confidence required for such a role.

– Project Paradiso 2023 student


After shooting wrapped, the film was edited and post-produced to the highest industry standards.

An exclusive cast and crew screening was held in London, in June 2023.

‘Lemons’ is currently being submitted to festivals internationally. The Italian premiere will take place at the Ortigia Film Festival in July 2023.

Lemons has been accepted into and/or won awards at the following film festivals:




In the wake of their Sicilian grandmother’s passing, cousins Lou, Miles, and Hunter embark on a nostalgic journey to recreate her cherished lemonade recipe. However, as they grapple with their personal ambitions and uncertain futures, their bond is tested as they are forced to confront their individual paths in life.


We are grateful to our Bronze Level Corporate Sponsors for their support in making the dream of Project Paradiso a reality!


I just wanted to send a huge well done and thanks to all who were involved in the making of Lemons. What a fantastic showcase. It was hugely emotional to watch it on the big screen and watch the excitement of all the youngsters who were involved.

– Parent of Project Paradiso 2023 student








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