Residential Summer Camp

Residential Summer Camp

DATES 2016: 1 week camp 31 July–7th August or 7th–14th August; 2 week camp 31 July–14th August
1 or 2 weeks
10-13 & 14-17
1 week £990; 2 weeks £1980
St. Catherine's Bramley School, Guilford GU5 0DF
“YFA’s two-week filmmaking course taught our 16 year old daughter how to make a professional movie from start to finish. From working with actors and industry standard equipment to gleaning top tips from industry experts while making a bunch of new friends, it really was a remarkable two weeks. If your child is truly interested in TV or film, this is definitely the course for them!”
Mrs R. Senior
For young people who love films, whether it’s creating them or acting in them, YFA's all-inclusive Summer Camp is a dream come true: a chance to eat, sleep and breathe movies! The camp is held at St Catherine's Bramley, one of the UK's leading boarding schools, and includes all board, meals, tuition, excursions, equipment and activities.

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Students on YFA Summer Camp will divide into 2 crews: FILMMAKING CREW (for aspiring filmmakers) & ACTING CREW (for aspiring actors). Students choose which Crew they wish to join for the duration of their camp.

Each Crew will develop specialised skills in their own disciplines though practical exercises, workshops and masterclasses with film industry professionals. And because we passionately believe that the best way to learn to is get out there and DO it, the Filmmaking and Acting Crews will then combine in teams to work together for the production of the movies. 

Each week of YFA Summer Camp culminates in a Premiere Screening of all the completed movies for friends and family in the onsite cinema. There’ll be a packed house, behind-the- scenes special features telling the real story of how that movie got made, and we’re guessing some blooper-reels too... 

And when students aren’t on set, there’ll be oodles of great fun indoor and outdoor activities on offer for them to enjoy, including swimming, football, tennis, table tennis, basketball, dance, drama, film screenings, movie quizzes, talent show, excursions, competitions, games and more!

DATES 2016

1 week camps £990
Sunday 31 July – Sunday 7th August 2016
Sunday 7th August – Sunday 14th August 2016

2 week camp £1980
Sunday 31 July – Sunday 14th August 2016

To book your place, email with your preferred dates. We will then send you a registration form, a copy of our Terms & Conditions and deposit payment instructions to confirm your booking.

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