Youth Film: Courses That Unleash Children’s Creativity

Young Film Academy (YFA) is the UK’s leading provider of youth film events, courses and workshops for young people aged 5-19.

Each year, Young Film Academy helps over 7500 young people complete and screen their first movies. YFA runs courses during school holidays, provides outreach events and workshops to arts organisations and festivals, parties for kids, and is part of the BFI Academy Network.

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Children are massive bundles of energy. If this energy could be harnessed in a creative manner, then there is no limit to what they can achieve. Young Film Academy believes in unlocking the youth’s potential by teaching them all about a medium that they already enjoy in their daily lives. Everyone loves watching films. This is their chance to create their own youth film.

Imagine your child having the chance to learn how to operate professional cameras, sound equipment, and all the other tools used by filmmakers. Perhaps their curiosity will become a passion, and the passion will turn to a real profession later on in life. If nothing else, they will be able to spend some quality time studying a craft and meeting some new friends. Plenty of other kids have already completed these short courses and found them so enjoyable that they come back year after year.

Young Film Academy provides a number of different courses for youth between the ages of 6 and 19. They are divided into subgroups so that they can be among peers of roughly the same age.

The duration varies with some classes being as short as a day. These serve as a fun introduction into the art of filmmaking. If they wish, they can pursue longer courses ranging from a few days to a few weeks. These will enrich their knowledge and allow them to get more hands-on experience.

Why Choose Young Film Academy?

Every child has an underlying talent waiting to be tapped. If you child has a keen interest in movies, then see whether this little hobby can be developed into something more. Allow him or her to be exposed to an environment where filmmaking is not an abstract concept but a way of life. This is an excellent opportunity to see what goes on behind the camera when creating the movies that they see on the screen. They will even have the chance to create their own short films. Send them to the Young Film Academy to maximise their hidden potential.

Widely Recognised Programs — Young Film Academy is a London-based school for budding filmmakers with a sharp focus on the youth. YFA is an official partner of the BFI Film Academy. It has been featured in Channel 4 and other media which noted that YFA is an excellent training ground in creating interesting documentaries. The academy is also proud of its students, some of whom have seen their projects winning in competitions all over the country. It is the school of choice when film industry professionals want their children to follow their footsteps.

Experienced Instructors — All of the instructors in YFA are accomplished filmmakers in their own right. They have decades of experience in the industry and continue to work on their various projects while teaching at the academy. This means that they are fully aware of the latest trends, techniques, and tools to craft digital masterpieces. They know how to impart their knowledge to kids in a way that is engaging and exciting. In fact, they are regularly tapped by the London Children’s Film Festival, the BBC, Tate Gallery, and countless schools to facilitate workshops across the country.

State of the Art Equipment — YFA uses advanced equipment as teaching tools in various classes. Some of these are being used in real productions. This guarantees high quality output from a technical perspective when the students create their youth film projects. It also lets then see what is currently out there so that they know the incredible possibilities of the medium. Through this type of exposure, they will no longer be intimidated by the machines. Instead, they will see these are tools to hone their craft.

A Fun Learning Environment — Children tend to have short attention spans and are generally less inclined to sit through a dull class. This won’t be a problem in YFA as the instructors are experts in capturing interest through images and sounds. The hands-on training is also sure to keep the kids on their toes the whole time. They will come home happy about their class and eager to come back the next session.

What Are the Courses Available at YFA?

Various courses have been created in the academy to cater to the different needs of its students. This diverse list allows anyone to take part in the creation of a youth film in the manner in which they feel comfortable. These are being offered all-year round with the specific schedules posted in the official website. Be sure to check regularly for updates.

1. Residential Summer Camp

One of the most popular programs at YFA is the summer camp that is held every year from late July to early August. Students will get to spend either one or two weeks fully immersed in the magic of cinema. The venue is St Catherine’s Bramley, a prestigious boarding school, which will provide everyone with full board, lodging, and meals throughout the course.

The kids won’t have to do anything except live and breathe filmmaking — a dream come true for an aspiring actor or director. There are also lots of fun activities there during breaks including football, swimming, tennis, basketball, games, and film screenings. By the end of their stay, they will get to showcase their work in front of friends and family.

2. Four Day Film School

Not everyone has the luxury of time or money to attend film summer camp but this doesn’t mean that they can’t learn just as well. The Four Day Film School is an intensive course that packs a great deal of information and activities within a relative shot time span. It was designed to cater to those who may have other commitments which are barring them from weeks-long immersions.

Each day will be focused on a particular topic including film history and origins. The basics of writing, acting, camerawork, editing, and sound will be discussed by veteran filmmakers. Students will even get to learn about choreography for action sequences which can be handy in future projects. They will then apply all these lessons by creating short films that will be screened at the West End.

3. Make a Film in a Day

This course is perfect for those who are pressed for time or are simply seeking to give filmmaking a try. Who knows? It could be the humble beginning of a lifelong love affair with cinema. This full day will enable students to get an overview of the process. It is conducted in a highly efficient manner with participants able to produce an actual film by the end of the brief journey. Proud parents can see their children’s first foray into the art form being screened. Absolutely no previous experience is required to enrol in this class.

4. Animation: Make a Lego Movie

Young people have always had a soft spot for animation. They spend hours upon hours watching shows made just for them. These often feature their favourite characters saving the Earth with friends or going on epic adventures. The one thing they have in common? Fun! They are incredibly fun to watch for the whole family.

Now they can actually make their own animated film using stop-motion techniques, special effects, and Lego blocks. The course does not require any experience. All interested parties between the ages of 10 and 14 are welcome to attend. It’s a chance to turn dreams into reality. The classes take 4 days to complete. It ends with the completion of an actual short animated film conceptualized and shot by the participants.

5. BFI Film Academy

This is a subsidized course that runs for 10 weeks with limited slots meant for passionate young filmmakers. The class will meet every Saturday from 10am to 5pm from late October to early January. This is a chance for those who may not have much money but are overflowing with enthusiasm about the craft. Every year 16 lucky and talented applicants are accepted into the program.

The focus is on short fiction filmmaking with the output being screened for the public. It is an incredible chance for talent to get noticed by industry veterans and learn from them at a young age. Graduates are able to access BAFTA career talks and other important events. Aside from enhancing their technical knowledge, participants will also be trained on how to market and distribute their film — crucial skills in the real world.

6. Private Film Making Courses

Individuals who might like to learn more about certain topics at their own pace can avail of bespoke courses. The academy can design a curriculum that will fit the needs of the client. This may be held at traditional YFA venues, elsewhere in the UK, or even be held overseas.

There are no restrictions on age. This is commonly requested by families or small groups that wish to take a class together. The academy will do its best to accommodate schedule and location requests. Experienced instructors in the specific subjects will tapped to handle the class. Call the main office hotline for details.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Selecting a Course?

As you can see, there are plenty of options available for people who are keen on studying the art. The right choice will depend on a variety of factors including those discussed below:

1. Goal of the Student

This will always be the primary consideration. What does the student want to get out of the experience? If it is just to get a taste of what filmmaking is all about, then the one-day crash course will suffice. It will serve as a tour of the important concepts and result in an actual film made by the class.

If the aim is to get a more in-depth knowledge, then the summer camps are available for truly immersive study. It is particularly suited for students who are thinking of pursuing a related degree in the future. This may just give them the clarity they need to go one way or the other.

2. Time and Commitment

Everybody has responsibilities, even the little ones and teenagers. They attend school regularly, help around the house, go to choir practice, train with the varsity team, and so on. The older ones may even have a part-time job that they cannot just leave when they please. Of course, these shouldn’t get in the way of a dream.

The classes offered at YFA consider the limited time that is available. There are different timeframes to suit every individual. Some take only four days yet cover a great deal of material. Others take ten sessions that are spread over several months so students can come during the weekends.

3. Level of Experience

YFA tries hard to make the classes beginner-friendly. Most can be taken by anyone no matter what background he or she may have. The majority are simply curious about how their favourite movies and television shows get made. This eye-opening experience may lead them to venture further. Intermediate courses are available to help them get more practice. These will arm them with sharper tools from which to craft their masterpieces. Those who have already taken entry-level classes or have been creating short films as a hobby also have a place in the academy. In fact, there is an exclusive program catering to this group.

4. Cost and Budget

The academy does its best to reach out to all sectors of society. The rates are reasonable and highly competitive given the quality of the programs being offered. There will always be something within the household’s budget range. In certain classes, promising youth film makers are subsidized by the Department of Education. YFA also makes it a point to give back to the community by holding workshops for marginalised young people, including those who are currently under the supervision of the justice system.

Call YFA Today

There are limited slots for each class so be sure to make your reservations early. Visit the website at for more information about the upcoming schedules for this year. You will also find all of the pertinent details for every course including tuition fees, venues, age ranges, and specific qualifications.

Film is as relevant as ever in society. They don’t only entertain. They also inform and educate the public. Don’t miss this brilliant opportunity for your children to learn something new and harness their talent in this medium. Send an email or give us a call for bookings.