The Summer Camps For Kids UK Parents Voted The Best

Are you looking for a uniquely creative summer camp in the UK for students aged 12-13, 14-17? If so, come and make movies with Young Film Academy!

This summer, Young Film Academy (YFA) are transforming a beautiful boarding school one hour from London into a state-of-the-art movie studio for young people aged 12-13, 14-17. Two weeks of non-stop filmmaking fun where students can eat, sleep and breathe movies!

Students choose whether to join our Acting Crew (for aspiring actors & actresses) or Filmmaking Crew (for aspiring filmmakers). Students learn from professional filmmakers, use professional equipment and make – or star in – their own movies. There are loads of fun activities, sports and excursions included too. Read More

Additional English language lessons are available for students on request.

For full details of our UK Residential Summer Camp, click the big red button. To book your place, contact us on 0207 3874341


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There are so many ways your kids can spend their holidays. We understand that you also need a break from the endless pool parties, sleepovers and messy kitchens that come with the holidays and children being at home all the time, with no school work to distract them. But you also want your child
to have as much fun as possible so that they are relaxed and ready to enter the next year of school. Endless hot days mean perfect weather for swimming, playing outside and getting a lovely tan while doing all of this. Gatherings of children maintained by supervisors teach your kid endurance in a fun way. This means that summer camps for kids UK are the perfect way to bring in fun and adventure while you also get a break.

There are many reasons why sending your child to a camp is a good idea. Here are a list of reasons to help you out if you’re still unsure:

> You get a lovely break by the pool. We know you work hard all year, and we think that you deserve time off to pamper yourself without worrying about picking up the kids from their
friends’ house. Extra relaxation for you is also extra fun for them, as they will not have to do all the chores you normally make them do at home. This is a winning formula.

> No more midnight snacks. All parents dread the final bell of school, because this signals the endless parade of dishes going in bedrooms and returning to the kitchen, sticky, and making the kitchen look like a war zone. When you send your children to a summer camp, you can rest assured that your kitchen will remain pristine throughout the summer holidays.

> No more grocery runs. When kids are at home, they get through a lot of food in a small amount of time, and you’re always left without milk for your cereal on an important day of work. Avoid this scenario by sending them away and you can look forward to going shopping only once a month.

Kids need a lot of motivation to go anywhere new, and especially if you’re not going to be with them. You need to outline the various reasons why they should go to a summer camp in such a way that they look forward to it instead of dreading it. Here are a few points to bring up in order to convince them that you are doing this for their benefit:

> They will achieve a new fitness level. Even though your child will be having lots of fun, he or she will be undertaking a lot of activities. This means that they will get very fit while having fun, instead of working out in a boring gym

> Your kids will be doing lots of activities that aren’t available at home. You can always take them swimming in your town, but they will never get the opportunity to enact their favourite movie scene with their friends, with real cameras and all the drama of a movie set. This is something that Young Film Academy offers to summer camps. It’s the chance to make memories for a lifetime for your child.

> They will not have to do any household work at camp. Your kids will love you when you tell them that all summer long, someone else washes their clothes, washes their dishes and tidies up their room. This sounds like a holiday on its own, let alone the fun they can have all day.

> Your children’s friends will be there, all the time. No more driving home after a day of fun, only for your child to start missing their friends and having to wait for the next opportunity to meet up. They can eat with their friends, sleep in the same cabin, and do all the fun activities together. This is perfect for friends who live far from each other and need to schedule time to meet each other.

> They never stop having fun. Unlike at home, where kids have to go to sleep at a certain time and can’t expect their parents to take them to fun places all the time, your kids have the opportunity to walk from one fun activity to the next, without stopping the excitement.

> They will make memories to last a lifetime. Everyone talks about how much fun they had at camp, all the activities that they first learned at summer camp, and all the memories they made with their friends. It’s an adventure that can never be replicated at home, in the same place they always were.

> Your kids will make tons of new friends.  Summer camp is the perfect opportunity to meet new friends who have the same interests as your child, and even after summer camp is over, your child can meet them and continue the fun.

No matter what you tell your child, they will definitely be interested in joining the summer camp with the above reasons in their mind. If you have the responsibility to provide their entertainment, you will know how hard it is to find something that not only they will enjoy, but also something that you are comfortable with when you leave them there. Always research the summer camp you decide to send them to, and it is advisable to get references from parents who have previously enrolled their kids in these camps, because then only will you be sure as to the nature and values of the camp. It’s also a good idea to research online for the best camps near you and to read the customer satisfaction rate. If you plan in advance, it will save you a lot of headache and future worrying, because there are a lot of parents out there very concerned about the well being of their child, and you should always be one hundred percent certain for peace of mind and a relaxing holiday for you and your child.

After spending time deciding on the correct summer camp, it is good to compare the various camp activities to see the value you are getting for your money. Here are a few activities that are proven to be winners at summer camp, and which your kids will definitely try at home as well:

> Chalk Twister at camp. This game has been created as a larger version of Twister, and it involves lots of squares drawn on a large surface so that many kids can participate and no one has to sit out a game. Your kids can play with their friends and join new friends as well.

> Board games with the campers as pieces in the game. Pick a classic board game that everyone likes, and instead of beads, the campers stand on the giant board and move places. Perfect for when it’s too hot to swim.

> Canoe rides on the river. Kids will love the adventure that comes with canoeing in a river with their friends, with the sound of the water loud in their ears. This helps teamwork and is a very good way to stay fit at the same time.

> Challenge course on the camp field. Camp counsellors set up a giant course on a field and all the campers have to join in. The campers are split into four or five groups and then have to complete the course, and the winning team wins a prize that the whole team get a share of.

> Sports. Your child will not have to sacrifice his or her favourite sport, because all camps have a huge sports program that allows campers to play to their heart’s content. Many kids play more than one sport, and this is another excellent way to get involved in team building exercises.

> Swimming and water sports. Summer camps are the perfect place to engage in swimming, because the weather is excellent. There are also various water sports your child can participate
in, and these often have prizes for the most gifted swimmer.

Besides the various sporting activities that will definitely get your kid’s blood pumping, there are many activities that aren’t as strenuous but manage to give the campers the fun they crave without tiring them out. There should always be balance between physical activity and unwinding activities that will
stimulate your child’s creativity without being tiresome as homework. Camps have made this possible by including many tasks that are easy enough to be completed by your child but also engaging enough to satisfy their creativity and keep them interested. This is important so that the campers do not get tired out after a few days of playing demanding physical games and not giving their bodies a break. Here are a few camp activities that are sure to get their creative juices flowing while keeping them occupied:

> Making a friendship bracelet. Making a friendship bracelet with their best friend signifies old and strong bonds with their friends and also, it can be a turning point for new friends.

> Making a compass for camp. A lot of camps allow field trips into the woods for kids, and a handmade compass is the ideal thing to have when going out on these trips.

> Designing and crafting a camp cushion for camp meetings. Campers are required to design their personalised cushions that they will then make and then use for future camp meetings so that they will be more comfortable.

> Painting artwork of the camp’s natural beauty. Summer camps are very into art, and they make sure by the end of summer, so is your child. Painting natural objects like trees and rivers is soothing and it helps your child to unwind.

> Firefly jars. Your kid can make their own natural light source with a jam jar, a few pokes in the lid of the jam and a little sugar water. They can then decorate the outside with paints to make them look pretty.

> Creating a bird feeder. Since your child is in the middle of nature, they will be encountering lots of bird species. They should take advantage of this by making a bird feeder so that the birds can come closer and they can view their beautiful colours without scaring the birds away.

> Drama class. By letting go of all their inhibitions, drama class allows your child to express themselves in a healthy way. They learn valuable skills of commitment to a task and it is also excellent for learning how to work in a team.

> Writing in a journal. When your child gets used to the idea of writing, they will realize how satisfying it is and how enriching the experience can be. This can help them to discover their inner thoughts, and help them to become more well-rounded and balanced individuals.

> Making a bonfire night. Bonfires are great for bonding experiences, scary stories and yummy treats like roasted marshmallows. Everyone who goes to summer camp has a beautiful bonfire story, and this will be another memorable moment for your child.

> Camp sleepovers. This is one of the best camp activities available. Your child will have endless fun at the giant outdoors sleepover, with midnight snacks, movie marathons and scary stories that will all last till the sun comes up. Another bonding moment, and no kid gets left behind in the fun.

> Camp carnival. Summer camps hold a one day carnival that have all the traditional activities: fun rides for the campers, popcorn, candy apples, hot chocolate, and other fun stuff waiting to be explored by your child.

> Dance classes. Dance is a very expressive art, and helps enormously with children’s confidence and their co-ordination. Your child has a wide variety of dance classes to choose from, ranging from ballet and modern dance to hip hop and tap dance.

> Baking classes. All kids love sweet treats, and they will definitely enjoy them even more if they get the opportunity to make it themselves. Camps offer small and simple baking classes so that kids can learn to bake simple treats like cupcakes and choc chip cookies that they can make at home when you don’t feel like baking.

No matter what personality your child has, summer camps for kids UK has all the activities that they could possibly want. They will thank you for this, and create wonderful memories with their friends that they will share with you after summer. Do yourself, and your child, the favour of booking them the best holiday of their lives.