Focus on Females is a mentoring programme specifically created to support young women in their career progression into the Film & TV industry. At Young Film Academy we are committed to providing opportunities for young people from all backgrounds to realise their potential. We are aware that there is a gender in-balance within the Film & TV Industries and through this project in particular, we want to support young women in accessing more opportunities and support with their career progression.

Once accepted onto the programme participants will be paired with one of our five female industry mentors to join a community of young female filmmakers and receive a series of mentoring sessions to support their development as filmmakers.


This programme will run from January 2022 and September 2022 and with five places available. This programme would be most suitable for young women who have some previous filmmaking experience and/or a keen interest in building experience through the programme which can be explained within the application. Applications are open to anyone regardless of whether you have attended a YFA course previously. You must be between the ages of 16-20 by January 2022 to be considered.

Applicants must be based in the UK and we will arrange sessions either in-person or online depending on where paired mentors and mentees are based. In-person attendance will be required in a London location on the sharing day at the end of the programme.


Once accepted onto the programme the young women will be paired with one of our five mentors and have mentoring sessions with them approximately every other month (4 sessions overall). Small tasks may be set by mentors for in-between sessions to enable to them to support with participants progression and development. Young women on this programme will also participate in a number of workshops run by industry professionals and will receive support from the core YFA coordination team for the duration of the project. A more detailed schedule of activity will be sent upon acceptance onto the project.

Mentoring sessions will be designed to give support and guidance from an industry perspective as well as provide feedback on projects that participants are working on. Mentors will also be able to provide career advice and support where possible in helping participants secure work experience placements. Mentoring sessions will take place online via Zoom or could also take place in person if preferred!

The project will culminate in a sharing day which will bring together participants, mentors and partner organisations to discuss their experiences across the programme and talk about next steps for participants!


When applying, you will be asked to provide a written paragraph and upload a short video clip of around 2-3 minutes outlining your current experience and what you would like to gain from the programme. 




As part of this programme we are delighted to be partnering with ERA 50:50.

ERA 50:50 is campaigning for women to be represented on stage and screen in a way that reflects the full extent and diversity of their presence in the real world.