From Concept To Screening Through Movie Making For Kids

Young Film Academy (YFA) is the UKʼs leading provider of filmmaking courses, kids film parties and film making events for young people aged 6-19. Linked to the film industry, Young Film Academy’s mission is to inspire the next generation of filmmakers. We love movie-making for kids, and we know it delivers loads of great additional benefits to young people: building confidence, learning to work as a team, planning, working to deadlines, making new friends…

We’re a partner in the British Film Institute’s (BFI) Academy Network and each year we help over 7000 young filmmakers complete their first movies, from West End-premieres to curriculum-led projects in schools.

We design and deliver projects for some of the UKʼs largest institutions, right through to groups of kids who just want to have fun making movies at home…

So if you’re aged 6-19 and you want to get involved in filmmaking – whether itʼs for a day, a week or a year, get in touch today on 0207 3874341 or click the big red button opposite to get started and see which YFA course is right for you.

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The Benefits of Teaching Kids How to make Movies

Children are naturals. They have an inherent love for stories and allowing them to explore this intrinsic ability helps in bringing out their creative abilities. Through the concept of youngfilm – movie making for kids, children can experience and appreciate diverse cultures. Learning filmmaking helps children to communicate their thoughts and feelings while helping in bringing out their imagination and creativity.

The process of filmmaking is very educative for children. With kids growing up in an environment where they are exposed to too much television and video games, fantasies may look like reality to them. Teaching them how to make movies helps them appreciate and differentiate the truth from fantasy. Filmmaking helps them distinguish between real life and dramatization.

Filmmaking helps children develop their imaginative abilities while also raising their confidence levels. Children are very fond of watching themselves on camera. When they find out that this is an area where they are talented and can do well, their self-esteem improves.

When kids learn how to make movies, they also learn how to communicate better and how to work as a team. By giving them roles to play while learning filmmaking, kids are taught how to be responsible. Filmmaking helps kids to develop skills that will help them in many ways later in life.

The Role of Filmmaking in School Curriculum

The internet has made it possible for kids to shoot videos, edit them and publish them instantly. Making mini films with their smart phones has become a pastime for kids. What this means is that the existence of mini movie in classrooms is unavoidable. Schools are confronted with this reality and wonder what the role of these movies is on campus. Most schools are unable to constructively incorporate these movies into curriculum because they lack adequate funding.

Delivering Bespoke Filmmaking Education for Kids

Quality filmmaking requires much more than just access to video production technology. Young Film Academy (YFA) has been at the forefront in providing filmmaking training to teenagers and kids in the United Kingdom aged 6 to 19. Stationed in London, the academy has helped 7500 young people to make their first digital film. The academy is a core partner for the British Film Institute (BFI) Film Academy Network. If you would like your kids to learn filmmaking, this is the best place in the United Kingdom for them to get educated in the art and process of movie making.

Young Film Academy: Definitely the Best Filmmaking Institute is an intelligently organized institute that’s excellently managed and amazingly organized. The movie making for kids program is remarkably educative, informative and enlightening. The team at the institute really knows how to get kids making movies and motivate them to become great at it too. The academy is definitely the best institute for teaching children how to make movies.

You child could be a novice filmmaker with a talent and a keenness for movie making, or they could be the next great movie maker. With the programs at, they can sharpen their skills and get exposure that will take their filmmaking abilities to the next level. They don’t have to have any prior experience. As long as they desire to learn the art of filmmaking, they can be equipped to become filmmakers.

From Script Writing To the Screen

The approach is ecstatically simple. Every kid has a movie character that they adore. Kids generally dream about becoming that character. Nothing gives children more pleasure than to be behind the camera making a character that they have created. Every kid is more than ready for the LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION and the exciting process of movie making. Young Film Academy gives kids a chance to do exactly that. Kids learn to write scripts, shoot films, edit the film, and do everything from the script to the screen.

How We Assist Young Film Makers

Our focus is to help young filmmakers through a hands-on approach that provides them with valuable experience. When they come to the academy, they gain insightful knowledge by producing film projects. This places them in a position where they are competent and are able to develop filmmaking into a career in future. Teamwork is a very important feature of filmmaking and we at the young film academy, we strive to help young people work together. We ensure that they work in roles of both cast and crew so that they have an advantageous learning experience. Budding filmmakers are able to hone their skills in an interactive approach during the film school.

Residential Summer Camp

The residential summer camp course is great for kids that would like to become actors and filmmakers in the future.  This is a chance for anyone that is looking forward to getting deeply involved in acting and filmmaking. During the one or two weeks summer camp, filmmaking and acting crews come together to produce films. Once the production is complete, screening takes place on site and friends and family come to watch what the children have created. Because kids can easily get bored, they will also be involved in extracurricular and sporting activities.

The Four Day Film School

If you want your kids to get a great experience and learn filmmaking through a hands-on approach, the four day film school is great for that. Award winning filmmakers will be available to teach the kids everything that they need to learn about filmmaking. All the fundamentals of writing, acting, camerawork and choreography are taught during the four day period.

Once the kids learn, they get to do everything for themselves and develop their own role. Again the kids get to share the films they have made with family and friends at the end of the four day training period. The students are awarded and they get to keep the movies that they have produced.

Make a Film in a Day Program

The make a film in a day program is great for beginners. When they attend this one day event, they are given outline of the filmmaking process from the beginning right up to the end. Kids are placed in teams and must work against time to storyboard, to shoot, to act and to edit the film they are making. The go through the entire filmmaking process with sound effects and music included.

At the end of the make a film in a day program, they will have completed their first movie. Their parents, family and friends attend the screening process and the kids get to keep what they produced. This is a great process because kids come into the program with no prior experience. It helps them to learn all about filmmaking and determine if this is something they would like to do. Introducing children to film in one day can wet their appetite for filmmaking and create a desire for a future in filmmaking.

What’s the Central Focus of Young Film Academy?

The central focus of is to provide opportunities where kids all over the United Kingdom are provided with a foundation for prospective careers in filmmaking. Because of the synergistic nature of our filmmaking courses, young people come together to and develop their skills and talents. The program is diverse and has important and widely applicable effects. This enables every young person that attends the courses to learn and be in a position to the different approaches to filmmaking.

Giving Kids a Taste of What is to Come

Generally, the programs we have are a tremendous learning experience for kids. They positively cultivate a confidence level that helps them maturate their ideas. They take part in a group and come up with propositions that are amazing to say the least. Learning filmmaking is a wonderful way for young people to communicate their skills and qualities by making positive contributions to the group.

Despite their young age, the kids are exposed to a professional environment where they are efficiently working as a team. The courses at the academy are distinctively designed for the development of the talents that the kids have. The purpose is to inspire kids to pursue the strong interest that they have in filmmaking. also strives to provide kids who love filmmaking as a hobby with the opportunity to hone their skills and gain knowledge that will captivate their personal interest in filmmaking.

Tapping Into Children’s Experiences Through Expression

The courses at young film academy are designed to help kids discover more about themselves and their environment through the eye of the camera. While it is a joy for kids to make movies, the academy achieves the purpose of helping kids to watch the movies that they have made with exceptional critical awareness. They maturate their own skills and talents through a medium that brings out the best in them.

Children who come to Young Film Academy leave with skills in every aspect of filmmaking. They are able to tell a story, they can act and write scripts, they can edit and direct, and they are well versed with what sound design and animation is. They are able to communicate better and acquire visualization skills. They have the ability to comprehend and begin to express themselves much better. Most importantly, they are inspired to think and they can assess their worth in a manner that they have never experienced before. The courses they take help their imaginative process, open up their creative abilities and make them believe in themselves and dare to dream and do what they never imagined was possible.

Why Kids Should Be Involved in Filmmaking

The process of movie making is not just about making the next blockbuster. Every child should acquire media skills because the future is going to be completely different. The age of the internet and media developments are changing how people work, interact and communicate. More media interactions will shape the future.

In future, education will become more media interactive. What this means is that the children of today need to have media skills that they can put into good use tomorrow. Young Film Academy is preparing kids today for the future.  Whether they work in the film industry or not, they will need to be media friendly and media ready.

How Young Film Academy Helps Prospective Filmmakers

If you have a child that aspires to work in the film industry in future, we have a course at our academy is a good fit for them. When they attend the residential courses, they will work in the company of professional filmmakers. Kids get exposed to functional film industry at an early age and this helps to bring out their creative nature. Taking advantage of the opportunities at the academy will help young and ambitious filmmakers advance and enhance their capabilities. They don’t need any qualifications. All they need is a strong interest in filmmaking.

Unlocking Your Child’s Potential

At the Young Film Academy we are all about unlocking the potential that your child has. We get them to envision themselves anew. We prepare them to become the generation of blockbuster makers. Many young people who have attended the academy have gone on to achieve their dreams of working in filmmaking industry. While not all have made an entry into the film world, others have used the knowledge that was imparted in their areas of industry. Some attend the courses just for the fun of it and end up meeting other young people who become their lifelong friends. Whatever the reason why young people come to the academy, they gain insights that make their lives much more meaningful and fulfilling.

What Sets Young Film Academy Apart

What sets Young Film Academy apart is the cutting-edge technology and approaches that we employ. Our academy is the perfect place for young people with a passion for cinema, or for kids that are simply interested in unleashing their creative side. Parents who bring their children to our academy are happy. That’s because this is an out of school interest that most kids will have fun engaging in while working collaboratively with other kids to produce real movies from the beginning to the end.

Kids who come to the academy relish every bit of time that they spend learning about filmmaking. They are inspired, entertained and impassioned because the academy gives priority to a fun way to impart filmmaking skills. Get in touch with us and learn more about our kid’s filmmaking programs.