Young Film Academy Voted One Of The Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Finding amazing kids party ideas can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle, right? You want to find something fun, different, trusted, convenient and affordable – a party with an X-factor, an experience your son/daughter and their friends will be talking about long after the final candle has been blown out.

Well, here’s the good news, Mums and Dads: your quest is finally over!

Young Film Academy are the UK’s leading provider of practical filmmaking events for kids, and offer a range of Hollywood-style filmmaking kids parties from £590, all perfect for boys and girls aged 5-16. Our parties always finish with a premiere screening of the amazing pop video or movie that’s been produced during your party, so your guests feel like real celebs! You receive copies of your video after the party, to share with your guests and watch for years to come.

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It’s that time of year again, when your beloved child turns a year older and you need to celebrate it in style. Whether it’s your cowboy or your princess’s celebration, you need to find a theme that will match their personality. When it comes to the big day, there are many kids birthday party ideas
out there that will make you the coolest parent on the block.

Boys need a different theme, colour scheme and party games that will keep them occupied. As they are quite a handful, make sure you provide enough entertainment to last them the whole day.

Ideas that can be used for a boys party:

> Ask him what his favourite colour is and use that as the basic colour scheme, or combine two of his favourite colours for a more dramatic effect. Source balloons, serviettes, banners, cutlery, utensils and streamers in these colours to make it even more special.

> Drape a banner near the party entrance that reads “Boys only” and below that, “Password required for entry”, and write the passwords in the invitations.

> Check your son’s cupboards for any toys and games that fit into the theme and then use them as decorations.

> Use photographs of your child and his best friends as posters on the wall of the party venue.

> Boys love playing games, so maybe you should set a gaming console with video games to keep them occupied.

> If the day of the party is sunny, set up a giant obstacle course in the garden for the boys to play in. This will keep them occupied for hours.

Food ideas for a boy’s party

You know a group of young boys can’t go long without food, so stock up on all their favourite treats but make sure to provide healthy food so that they don’t only eat sugary foods. Here are some tips for striking a balance between healthy and fun:

> Bake cookies in the shape of trucks, soccer balls or superheroes.

> Host a barbecue and get all the boys involved in preparing the meat, and have a food station where they can create their meals using buns, salad and sauces.

> If possible, order or make the cake in a car shape, in the party’s theme colour.

> Even though you should provide the healthy foods and proteins that all growing boys need, don’t forget to stock up on the fun treats that they all look forward to on a birthday. Even if you don’t always allow it, make sure that there is cool drink, juice, cakes, biscuits, savouries such as pizza or pies, chocolates, sugary sweets and any other small snack. Once a year, it’s okay to eat what you feel like.

There are many themes that you can use for a boy’s birthday party. This can be tricky as there are new TV shows and superheroes releasing all the time, and some may not fit in with your colour scheme. Here are a few theme ideas to help you out:

> Let them act out their favourite movie scene. Young Film Academy is a very high caliber service provider that allows your child to live in the fantasy of a movie for the day. You can check out their website, for more details.

> Superhero parties are always a firm favourite of boys. You can either choose a few of your son’s favourites and incorporate them into the theme, or choose his favourite hero and make him the theme for the whole party.

> If your son is a sports fan, choose his favourite sporting hero as the theme. Alternatively, you could choose his favourite sport and use that as the theme for a more general theme. This theme is great for boys as it immediately opens up a world of possibilities for the games you can play.

> Cars are a firm favourite with boys, and if you choose that as a theme, there are a lot of game ideas that will go well with it.

Party favours are the most anticipated part of the day, and everyone will definitely want a reminder of the awesome day they had as your guests. Here are a few simple yet memorable gifts to give your son’s friends after a long day of fun:

> Toys. Sticking to the theme of your party, try to find toys that will remind them of the games they played during the day.

> Lucky packets. These fun sized bags of joy contain the excitement of the unknown and will make sure your guests leave happily with only good things to say about you.

> Sporting equipment. Giving boys any sporting equipment is like giving them hours of joy that they can share with their friends and family. Make sure these are age appropriate and are not harmful or dangerous in any way.

> Toy building from scratch. Boys will love taking the extra effort in making their own toys, and this will enhance their creativity.

No matter what type of party theme you decide to choose, or party favors you want to buy, always take into consideration the biggest part of the day: your son. His personality will determine how this day goes, and do not force him into any potentially embarrassing games, or force your will on him.
Remember, this is his day and he will always remember the day as either being fun or miserable. Try to cater to his exact specifications and make sure he gets a deciding vote on any and all decisions regarding the party, because it is all about him.

Now that we’ve completed the boys section,  it’s time to start the girls birthday parties information section. Girls are quite fussy in what they perceive as the perfect birthday party. You need to combine the correct elements of theme, colour scheme, games and entertainment in order to be a success with them. It’s important to do your research before planning anything, because you might come across ideas you wouldn’t have ordinarily thought of in the first place. Also, it is advisable to ask your other children about your birthday girl’s favourite items and interests, because they will know better and they will be able to explain it to you.

Here are a few tips to get started on your planning:

> Get a theme. Once you have narrowed it down to a single theme, it will be much easier to buy items to match the theme and therefore start planning the party.

> Ask the birthday girl for help. No one is more of an expert on her taste than her, so be prepared to listen when she tells you exactly what she wants. This will help you discard any items she doesn’t like and help you understand what kind of stuff you should buy for the party.

> Research party games that fit in with her personality. It’s very important to make sure that whatever games and entertainment you plan for your daughter’s party, it must be something that she enjoys. Do not force her to play games that she does not enjoy, simply because it is easier to plan. You should take her nature into consideration when booking any entertainment. For example, if she is a tomboy, it would be more appropriate to set up a sports themed party game instead of playing dress up.

Food is definitely the most important item on your party checklist, so make sure you have the proper arrangements when planning the party. Here are a few food ideas for a girl’s party:

> Make sure there is plenty of pink food. Girls are always choosing pink coloured items, so make sure that the cake is iced in pink, and that all the treats have a pink colour scheme so that they look more palatable to the girls.

> Provide enough protein for the girls. It’s a proven fact that all children need protein to build muscles, so take this into consideration when planning the meals. It doesn’t have to be boring, like plain fish and chicken. Make it interesting by creating different types of chicken wrapped in delicious coverings like tortillas and served with warm rolls and sides like cheese and salad.

> Hire a chocolate fountain. Chocolate fountains are all the rage with girls nowadays. They’re more convenient than melting slabs of chocolate and leaving them to harden after a few
minutes, or worrying about the dangers of girls near chocolate on a heated surface. The guests can dip a variety of treats in the fountain, so provide food like strawberries, marshmallows,hazelnuts, berries and even bowls to scoop up a load of delicious chocolaty goodness.

> Set up an ice cream cookie counter for the girls to make their own sweet treats. Provide the ingredients, such as cookies, ice cream, sprinkles, chocolate and strawberry sauces, chocolate chips and fruit, and tell the girls to concoct their own desserts. This will keep their hands and their mouths occupied.

Party games are a huge hit with girls. Make sure you provide enough entertainment for all the girls, and remember that all girls are different so you should cater for all their personalities. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired:

> Play dress up. Arrange for a whole lot of fancy dresses to be brought to the party. Set up make up counters and tell the girls to be each other’s jewellery assistants, and let the girls dress each other up.

> Set up a photo booth. Photo booths are a great idea for a party, as this will create memories that they can share for years with each other. Have each girl choose a partner and take pictures with each other in the booth, then have a competition to decide who took the best, most creative pictures. Offer a prize to the winner to make it more competitive.

> Host a slumber party. The party doesn’t have to end at 8 pm. You can invite all the girls to stay over for a slumber party and host various sleepover games, such as pillow fights, makeovers, Truth or Dare, and other classic games.

There are a lot of ideas that work for girls as well as boys. You can use the following ideas for both genders and get the same appreciation. Here are a couple of ideas you can use for both boy and girls:

> Water park birthday party. What’s better than hosting a party in an awesome water park with tons of slides and unlimited fun? The best part is, you can bring along other adults to help you supervise the children and you can have some fun as well. Just don’t forget to pack all the necessary items, such as sunscreen, towels, and a change of clothes, a blanket to sit on and a fun novel for you to read while they frolic in the water. Bonus: you don’t have to pack that much of food, as children will prefer to eat ice cream or a burger at the local take away joint in the water park.

> Birthday parties held in a park. If you want a lovely birthday party for your child, but you hate cleaning up their mess, you should think about hosting it in a park. You can use disposable utensils, paper plates and cups, so that you don’t have to wash endless dishes and your house isn’t smeared with leftover food. This will also provide you with an excellent opportunity to expand the games you planed for your child and their guests. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting any of your dishes or expensive furniture damaged in the park, whereas you have to be extra careful when hosting at your house.

> Theme park birthday parties. All kids love theme parks, and even more so when they get to spend it with their friends and some excellent sweet treats. Apply for a group discount in
advance and you will be able to save lots of money on your trip. Be sure to arrive early so that your child gets a full day of fun with their friends.

All children deserve to have a wonderful, memorable birthday party. No matter what your budget is, you can make your child’s party a day they will always cherish. The most important thing is to remember that all planning must be done in advance, and always consult with your child so that you can improve on their experience. Your child deserves the best, and you should work towards having the world’s happiest child, so go on and make memories and give them the time of their lives.