Film School For Kids – How To Choose The Perfect One

There’s no such thing as a film school for kids, right?

WRONG! That’s exactly what Young Film Academy is! Young Film Academy (YFA) was founded by filmmakers, for kids who want to make, or act in, movies. It’s that simple. Aspiring filmmakers and actors aged 8-18 can learn filmmaking skills from professionals, use professional equipment, make friends with other movie-mad young people and run their own film sets!

YFA runs courses in school holiday times ranging from one-day to a residential summer camp. So if you’re aged 8-18 and want to start your filmmaking adventure, call us on 0207 3874341 or click the big red button to see which of our courses is right for you…

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Kids display their acting prowess at a relatively young age. However, it is your duty to guide them properly, and ensure that they develop this talent in this future. While there is no dearth of film schools for kids, you need to check them thoroughly before enlisting their precious one with them. Apart from the experience of the faculty, you also need to check the facilities provided by the school. Do they have proper and the latest equipments, required for training your child properly about the various aspects of filmmaking?

The creators of leading filmmakers
Our years of experience in the movie industry along with our skilled staff armed with the state of the art equipment will impart the best possible training to your ward, ensuring that they learn all aspects of filmmaking and are ready to take on assignments and complete them perfectly as soon as they complete the course. We at take pride to state that the leading giants of the movie making industry prefer to take students who have passed from our school, and make them their apprentices. We are, therefore, not surprised to note that some of the leading documentaries and short films makers of today are alumni of our school.

Why choose us when there are many other film schools for kids
Why do parents send their kids to reputable institutions, including those that are far away from their home, for their education? They realise that their wards will have a better chance to land up with the best jobs in leading firms. It is the same with the filmmaking industry too. Producers and directors are always on the lookout for talented youngsters who can:
• Write outstanding scripts
• Shoot attention grabbing movies
• Boast of exceptional editing abilities
• Have thorough knowledge of the best camera angles

Importance of proper equipment
Talented and experienced staff alone cannot teach filmmaking to students unless they have the latest equipment. Modern technology plays an important part and makes the difference between a poorly shot movie and a brilliant one. Even brilliant directors, armed with the best support staff cannot shoot a movie unless they have the proper equipment with them. We realize these factors. Therefore, we have equipped our film school for kids with the following:
• The latest cameras
• Proper shooting environment
• labs equipped with the best postproduction hardware and software including those for editing audio and video, and generating special effects.

We at realise the importance of a friendly atmosphere and the role it plays in allowing students to understand and master intimidating equipment without effortlessly. This is vital when one understands that we cater to students in the age range of 6 to 18. We have divided our courses in small and easy to understand modules that allow students to understand and master one section before proceeding to the next.

There is nothing as a born genius
Have you ever noticed how a model looks drab in a particular movie and looks outstanding in another? You might have the latest and the costliest movie camera available but will not to able to replicate the beauty created by a professional armed with a simple handy cam. While experience does play a huge role, the professional knows the importance ambient lighting and camera angles play in making an excellent movie.

Tailor made courses
We have a wide array of pocket friendly courses suitable, ranging in duration from a single day to several weeks.

One day master: We have designed this popular course for kids aged 8-16, who neither have the time nor the experience, but want to shoot a professional movie of their sibling’s birthday. This seven hours’ program explains the basics of filmmaking and teaches them the basics, which includes:
• Planning the movie
• Creating the storyboard
• Shoot the film and edit it
• Tutorials on audio effects
Apart from theoretical classes, we allow participants to shoot a movie and give them a HD copy of the completed project. This is ideal for novices.

Four day comprehensive: This 28 hours’ course, split into four days, is perfect for kids aged 10-18 who want to master the basics and want to learn the history of cinematography as well. Apart from a brief history of the origin of movies, award winning producers educate participants of this course on the basics of
• Acting
• Writing
• Editing
• Camerawork
• Fight choreography
Before the conclusion of the semester, we allow participants to select a role and participate in it. We even include cast and crew as a part of the course to make it authentic. Participants can invite their friends and family members to view the premiere of their magnum opus. We give a prize to the best performer at an awards ceremony, held at the end of the course. Each participant receives a high density copy of their movie. This is a priceless memento, which helps them revive old memories once they have established themselves in the world of cinema.

Residential summer camp: Ideal for people who want to leave an ever lasting impression in the magical world of movies. Participants can choose from either a single or dual week course. Unlike other courses that are held throughout the year this is scheduled for specific dates in August. We recommend interested candidates to check our website for details about dates. The cost of this course includes boarding and lodging at one of the leading boarding school of the United Kingdom. Can you imagine the fun spending several days in the company of other like minded individuals?  This course allows participants to select the crew of their choice. The fun factor consists of:
• Interactive workshops with industry professionals
• Allowing teams consisting of actors and filmmakers to work in tandem for creating a movie
• Encouraging members to participate in sports such as basketball, table tennis, and swimming.
• Educating them with the basics of acting and choreography
• Enhancing their knowledge about the industry through movie quizzes

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg since students also get an opportunity to participate in talent shows (who knows, you might have the talent to become the next villain or comedian) The camp culminates with a premier screening of all the movies made by the participants, where individual teams get to learn about the `behind the scenes’ techniques employed by other teams. The alumni of Young Film Academy encourage students to invite their friends as well as members of their family for this end of the course event. Participants will have a comprehensive knowledge about producing and directing a film independently. They will also gain in depth knowledge about
• Editing audio and video tracks
• Generating special effects
• Learn different ways of shooting the same scene

Is the all that young film academy provides?
This is only the beginning. Once you have completed an advanced course, you can enrol for our animation course. We shall teach you the basics of creating the skeleton of an image, include rotational points in it, and apply skins to complete the image. We will follow this by educating you about the different types of animation programs used by the movie industry and which one to use for a specific animation. Although this course teaches you the basics of animation, you can use them as a base for creating complicated animations, including stop motion movies.

What if you do not have the time to attend our courses
Get in touch with us today and inform us of the date and place you would like to complete the course. We shall chalk out a special program based on your requirements. As this dedicated course is quite costly, we suggest that you form a group with other like minded individuals, such as your colleagues or members of your family, to participate in it. This will help you to cut down on costs by sharing it with others. We offer this course in any location in the United Kingdom and overseas as well. The price we quote is all inclusive for courses held in the UK. You will have to pay return airfare and additional costs (such as that for visas) along with accommodation charges too.

We do not want you to take our word for it
We request you to check the testimonial section of our website. This allows you to find the number of students who have completed our courses and are now earning a handsome sum in the film industry. Actors might receive the highest pay in the industry, but skilled technicians such as directors, editors, special effect wizards, and background music composers also earn a huge sum. In fact, the movie industry is going through a lean period because of the lack of skilled technicians. You can easily demand a sum of your choice and get it too once you have gained sufficient skills. This is where we can help. Our team of renowned professionals will help you understand the nuances of the industry and help you hone your skills so that you can apply for and find a permanent place in this industry.

Removing the mental block
We know that the huge computers, the special effects software, and the large sets might intimidate you. You might believe that you do not have the skills required to master them. This is why we have divided our training courses into small modules. This allows you to learn the basic and advanced technologies at your convenience. We recommend that you check the authenticity of a film school for kids before enrolling your ward in it.

Bad habits remain engrained
Remember, it is very difficult to get rid of a habit. If your child learns a wrong procedure in a different school, it might prove impossible for them to get rid of the methods taught by the other school… even if your ward enrols in our institution.

The difference
We suggest that you compare the prices of our courses with those demanded by other schools. You will hardly find any difference. However, you can realise why filmmakers consider us the best in the field once you check the knowledge of the students who have completed their course in filmmaking through them. Apart from this, we also receive requests from leading studios for skilled directors, editors, and cinematographers. This means that you can easily grab the job of your dreams once you receive our certificate.

Our educative newsletter
We recommend that you sign up for our free newsletter. It provides you with information about the latest trends of the movie industry and allows us to inform you whenever we add new courses to our repertoire too. The movie industry is ever evolving and remaining updated is necessary to be successful in it. Our newsletter provides you with information about these trends along with details of courses we add to provide you with training courses we include to address the latest technologies. Apart from this, we also provide details about special events such as opportunities to attend seminars and events presided by industry giants.

Bookmark our site
We suggest that you bookmark and visit it on a weekly basis. Check the different sections, for parents as well as for their kids. The numerous awards we have received are mute testimony about the quality of our work. You can find details about them in the `press awards’ section of our site. We also suggest that you spare some time to go through the short movies on your site. Our past students, quite a few of whom are now renowned in the film industry, directed these videos. The fun factor in these movies is such, that they never cease to attract the attention of the viewers and compels them to watch the movie in its entirety. This is what good direction is all about.

What are you waiting for?
Instead of wasting your rime and that of your ward, enrol him in our one day crash course. We are confident that the skills he gains after completing this short duration course will please you so much that you will enrol him for advanced courses… once he has completed shooting the video of his sister’s birthday bash. Do not forget to store the HD video shot by him, which we gifted to him as a part of the course. It will remind him of his learning days and the nostalgia associated with it, once he becomes a famous director. With a bit of luck his film might even win the award for the best short film of the month.