Film Making Workshops For Creative Young People

Young Film Academy is Britainʼs leading provider of film making workshops for kids, filmmaking courses & events for young people aged 6-19.

We’re a partner in the British Film Institute’s (BFI) Academy Network and each year we help over 7500 young filmmakers complete their first movies, from West End-premieres to curriculum-led projects in schools.

We design and deliver projects for some of the UKʼs largest institutions, right through to groups of kids who just want to have fun making movies at home.

So if you’re aged 6-19 and you want to get involved in filmmaking – whether itʼs for a day, a week or a year, get in touch today on 0207 3874341 or click the big red button to get started!

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Film remains one of the biggest influences of pop culture. It’s the preferred form of entertainment for many with our fascination starting from a young age. We see it in our children as well. They go to the cinema with friends or family when their favourite franchise launches another sequel or when an actor that they follow has a new film. Perhaps they, too, have dreams of appearing in the movies or creating their own. These are not mere flights of fancy but are rather realistic possibilities. Help them get a head start through enrolment in film making workshops.

Young Film Academy offers such workshops for youth who are passionate about the craft. There are numerous programs at the academy with each catering to specific needs of students. Some classes have participants ranging from the tender age of 8 up to the late teens.

They will be divided into groups according to age and interest. It’s a great opportunity for them to meet a lot of new friends of the same persuasion. Classes have a hands-on approach with students expected to finish a film project at the end. Here’s a rundown of the courses available:

1. Make a Film in a Day

Workshop Duration: One Full Day, from 10am to 5:30pm
Age Range: 8 to 13 and 12 to 16
Class Venue: Putney, Clapham, Chelsea, and St Johns Wood
Inclusions: A high definition copy of the students’ movie
Qualifications: No previous experience required

Who is this good for?

This class was designed with absolute beginners in mind. Just come with an open mind and a full heart. Anyone within the age brackets posted can come in and participate in the activities. It will only take a day so it should be easy to find time for this course. The fee is highly accessible as well. Those who have been delaying their film school dreams due to lack of time or resources now have no excuses. Clear up a weekend and reserve a slot today.

What can students expect?

It will be a busy day as workshop participants will be taken on a whirlwind tour of the entire filmmaking process. They will go from the planning stage to production to editing from morning ’til afternoon. By the end of it all, they will have produced a movie of their own. They will experience firsthand how it is to develop a concept, create a storyboard, shoot scenes, act in front of the camera, edit their footages, and add sound effects. The class, along with their parents, will have a chance to watch their output as the finale – a very productive day indeed.

2. Four Day Film School

Workshop Duration: Four Days, from 10am to 5pm
Age Range: 10 to 13 and 14 to 18
Class Venue: Putney, Chelsea, and St Johns Wood
Inclusions: A high definition copy of the students’ movie, a premiere screening with family and friends, and an awarding ceremony
Qualifications: No previous experience required

Who is this good for?

Youth who are keen on learning more from professional film makers should try this course. It is one of the most popular ones in the academy as it blends convenience with a solid foundation of the core concepts. The expanded duration allows for more in-depth discussions compared to the one-day crash course, yet it is still short enough to make scheduling a breeze. Those who have already taken the “Make a Film in a Day” class and want to go a step further should look into this. However, note that there is no prior experience required for admission.

What can students expect?

It will be a thorough examination of filmmaking basics. Take a tour of the history of the medium to understand how it evolved into what it is today. It’s a fascinating chronicle of the origins to the silent film era, the emergence of colour, and all the other developments that contributed to its steady progress.

Students will hear from the professionals about the basics of various elements. They will learn the structure of a script and how to write one. They will be given pointers on how to shoot a scene depending on the demand of the story. Technical matters such as blocking, lighting, sound, and even fight choreography will be discussed as well. As for the actors, they will be provided with acting tips for film which is a lot more nuanced compared to theatre.

Once they have been taught all of these concepts, then the exciting part begins. They can finally go out and execute. It is up to each of them to interpret the techniques and make their vision come to life. Their creative output will be shown in a premiere screening in which their family and friends are invited to attend. It will be a fun event at the West End complete with an awarding ceremony for the graduates.

3. Animation: Make a Lego Movie

Workshop Duration: Four Days, from 10am to 5pm
Age Range: 10 to 14
Class Venue: Putney
Inclusions: A high definition copy of the students’ movie, a premiere screening with family and friends
Qualifications: No previous experience required

Who is this good for?

Kids simply love watching animation on television and in the cinema. It has this magic that is hard to replicate with live action movies. It is easier to create fantastical settings and stories. Everything appears to be more colourful and larger than life. Some children may want to transition from viewer to animator. This course is perfect in starting their journey. They will be able to learn the secrets behind the fun characters they see on the screen. In time, they will have the capacity to design their own characters as well.

What can students expect?

Participants will be taken on an intensive 4-day tour of the animation genre. This is a highly diverse area of filmmaking so, while the various techniques will be discussed, the course will narrow its focus on stop-motion animation. This involves the use of real objects as opposed to drawings on paper or a computer. The students will surely enjoy the process of filming as they will be using Lego blocks for the project. Filmmaking for kids have never been this much fun.

Even those who have no experience in filmmaking will be able to take this course without any problems. The instructors are experts in this genre and will impart their knowledge in exciting ways. The participants will have a blast as they apply all of the concepts their learned into creating their very own animated film for class and beyond. They can replicate the techniques at home or at school for use in various other projects long after the course. Filmmaking, animation and Lego – need we say more?

4. Residential Summer Camp

Workshop Duration: One Week or Two Weeks
Age Range: 10 to 13 and 14 to 17
Class Venue: St Catherine’s Bramley School, Guilford
Inclusions: Full board and lodging at a leading boarding school

Who is it good for?

Young people who have already taken a few short film making workshops may be looking for something more intensive to really hone their skills. Perhaps they tried out the one-day course and loved it. Or maybe they found the four-day film school to be incredibly rewarding. Now it’s time to take it to a higher level as they get serious with the craft. Next up in the progression ladder is the Residential Summer Camp.

What can students expect?

While in camp, the world will stop for a while for all the participants. They will stay for a week or two within a boarding school where they can focus all of their energies into being better filmmakers. Here they can forget all their troubles and pursue their passion to the fullest. They will also be surrounded with the best instructors who are respected professionals in the industry. Their will work with peers who are just as committed as they are and all this enthusiasm is bound to show in their outputs.

The group will be divided into two crews: one for acting and one for filmmaking. It is up to the students to decide which group they want to join. There will be topics that will overlap for both but each will focus on their preferred area of expertise. Their skills will be developed by teachers that will lead them through various exercises, lectures, and projects. After they have completed their specialized training sessions, the groups will combine once more to create a film that showcases all that they have learned.

During breaks, the students are free to use the various facilities across the school including a swimming pool, a basketball court, and a football field. There will be plenty of time to form friendships and strengthen bonds among the groups with games, excursions, quizzes, and many more. Expect a packed cinema at the end of the course as the film project, as well as bloopers and behind-the-scenes videos, will be screened for friends and family. It will be a rewarding experience

5. BFI Film Academy

Workshop Duration: 10 Saturdays from November to January, 10am to 5pm
Age Range: 16 to 19
Class Venue: Sydney Russell School, Dagenham
Requirements: Passion for film making, a promising record, and a completed application form

Who is it for?

This is suitable for the most enthusiastic young people who have already attended a lot of film making workshops or created a number of promising short films. The course will serve as a kind of master class for the youth. It is a good preparation for those who intend to work in the industry in the near future. They will be able to meet some of the most influential people in the business, including award-winning directors, writers, and other talented professionals. If they can impress these people with diligence and imagination, then who knows what doors may open?

What can students expect?

Not everyone who wants to attend can do so. Unfortunately, there are only 16 slots for this course every year. Interested parties will need to submit an application form and wait for an email from the organisers to see if they were selected. It is a highly competitive program but do apply for this incredible opportunity. The course fee is only £25 as several institutions are subsidizing the costs including the Department of Education. More information is available at

Remember that this is a workshop that is focused on short fiction filmmaking, not documentaries. The lucky participants will be immersed in an environment that will support their goals and sharpen their skills. They will have mentors to provide assistance whenever needed. Like all of the other workshops conducted by the YFA, this will be filled with hands-on experience in different aspects of filmmaking. The practical knowledge gained from the exercises will be invaluable.

Graduates will become a member of the BFI Film Academy alumni upon completion of the course. This will give them several advantages like access to career talks by BAFTA and similar events where they can expand their network of industry contacts while learning more about the craft. They will also be entitled to pursue other intensive residential courses by the BFI Academy. These will help them develop the skills in particular areas that they may be interested in through the guidance of the leading names in UK filmmaking.

6. Private Film Making Workshops

Finally, the Young Film Academy is also offering private instruction for groups that wish to experience filmmaking in their preferred environment. A special course can be designed to include the topics that the group is interested in learning. The schedule may be arranged as well to fit the client’s busy schedule. This kind of program is typically availed by families and groups of friends who want to expand their skills together. YFA imposes no age limits on these workshops so anyone can join the classes. Most of the students under this scheme reside in the UK but it is also possible to conduct the classes overseas.

If you have further questions regarding any of these courses, then please visit YFA’s office website at as it contains more details about the school, the team behind it, and the programs being run. The academy may be reach through email at and through phone using the hotline 020 7387 4341. Call now for inquiries and bookings.