Rough Cut Workshop

Rough Cut Workshop

Max no of Pupils

10-18 years old
Full Day (School timetable)
Contact us for pricing
Contact us for pricing
This was a great day for that difficult 'after exam period' when students can be restless and find it difficult to focus. Engaging, active and creative, it was a great success with our KS3 students."
Rodean School

The Rough Cut Workshop offers a practical introduction to filmmaking for smaller groups of students in schools (up to 25 students).

Run by professionals currently working in the film industry, the Rough Cut Workshop focusses on the creative skills and choices necessary to filmmaking. Students get the inside track on how images are used to tell stories, and how the visual choices a filmmaker makes impact the viewer. Students learn in the best way possible - by getting behind the camera themselves!

The morning sessions include an introduction to careers in filmmaking, followed by dynamic exercises in screenwriting, in-camera editing and camera operation. The afternoon sees students working in teams to complete a short film, each film receiving feedback and the chance to win a coveted Best Film Award!

Course Requirements:

We conduct The Rough Cut Workshop on school campus and bring along all the equipment to give the students a truly hands-on experience. The practical requirements for the school are:

  1. one space large enough to accommodate all participants, with DVD screening facility
  2. photocopying/printing
  3. Pens/pencils
  4. staff presence throughout the day
Ideal For:
  • Media Studies groups
  • Autumn term bonding for new intake
  • General Studies programme
  • Cross year group team-building
  • Arts weeks/festivals
  • Enrichment weeks
  • Summer post-exam period
  • Off-curriculum weeks
  • Recreation/educational weekend activity for boarders
Key Skills:
  • Working with Others
  • Communication
  • Problem solving

For enquiries, or to arrange a booking:
Tel: 020 7387 4341
24 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6EP

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