Fantastic Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Girls, girls, girls… coming up with genuinely exciting girls birthday party ideas is tough, right? You want to find something fabulous, fun, reliable, convenient and affordable – a party that your daughter and her friends will be talking about for years to come.

Well here comes the good news, dear parents: your search is finally over!

Young Film Academy offer a range of Hollywood-style kids parties from £590, great fun for girls of all ages 5-16. Our parties always end with a premiere screening of the pop video or Blockbuster movie that’s been created during your party, so your guests feel like real A-listers and every party finishes on a high! You receive copies of your video after the party to share with your guests, so you can watch it again, and again… (and again).

So call us on 0207 3874341 to talk about your party or click on the big red button to get started choosing the perfect party for your starlet-in-the-making….

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If you have a daughter, finding a wonderful party theme for her next birthday celebration is now very easy. Young Film Academy offers a number of exciting girls birthday party ideas that will thrill the birthday girl as much as her friends. These exciting party themes are not your ordinary parties. These themes will definitely set your birthday celebration apart from the ordinary and make your daughter the envy of her friends.

Girls Birthday Party Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

Whether you have a preteen or a teenager, chances are your daughter and her friends love the latest music, videos and movies. Of course, depending on the age of the kids, their choice in music and films can vary tremendously, but you’ll never go wrong when you choose a birthday theme party featuring music videos or movies, especially when they get to be the star. At you’ll find an excellent assortment of party themes that are sure to be a hit, regardless of your child’s musical interests. In fact, with the Popstar and Green Screen Popstar parties, she’ll even be able to choose her favourite music sound track to make it even more exciting.

When you’re planning a girls birthday party, be sure to consider the excitement and thrill of one of the amazing parties offered at You’ll be able to choose from the Popstar and Green Screen Popstar parties as well as an exciting Movie Makers or Movie Party theme. There’s something for those who want to sing and dance to their favourite music track as well as those who are looking for a fun experience learning the ins and outs of planning, filming, editing and even starring in their own movie.

Get the Professional Advantage

Some advantages that make these amazing girls birthday party ideas so fantastic is that you’ll be able to work with an experienced film maker, so you’ll always get high quality results. The party includes everything you’ll need to make it a huge success. From a professional quality camera to sound and editing equipment as well as expert guidance to help you throughout all phases of production. Your final results will always be extraordinary.

You’ll find four unique film parties designed to meet a variety of interests, ages and budgets. Every child is different, so you can choose the type of experience that best meets their own unique personality and desires. Of course, regardless of which birthday party theme you choose, your birthday girl and her friends are going to have an amazing time!

Who doesn’t want to be a Pop Star?

What young girl hasn’t dreamed of being a pop star? You know your daughter and her friends can spend countless hours dressing up, listening to their favourite sound tracks, dancing, and basically just having a brilliant time goofing off with one another. Now you can turn all of that excitement into an incredibly fun and memorable birthday celebration that everyone is sure to love!

The Pop Star party is perfect for kids ranging in age from 5 to 13 years old who love music, dancing and clowning around with their friends. This party theme is designed for groups of up to 20 children and comes with everything you’ll need to live out your pop star dreams. You’ll get a fun theme inspired e-invitation that you can use to invite your friends. This party package also includes the choice of your favourite sound track to use in your video production as well as a professional film maker from YFA and an experienced party assistant to help make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Other features that are included in order to make this party so wonderful are the following:

• Professional filming equipment as well as equipment for on-site editing of your pop star video.
• A finished video that is filmed in HD and is an amazing broadcast quality, great for sharing.
• An exciting world premiere of your birthday girl and her friends starring in a wonderful pop star video that they create.
• A downloadable link that you can use to save your video so you can watch it over and over again. This link will also make a wonderful party memento for the birthday girl’s guests.
• PA equipment to ensure you have a great sound for your birthday party celebration.
• A great choice of various props and costumes to enhance your pop star promo video.

If you have a child who likes to sing along with her favourite sound tracks, this is an excellent party idea that will have her cherishing her birthday memories for years to come. She’ll be able to invite her friends and have the time of her life, creating an exciting video that the girls will look at over and over again.

Add a Worldwide Touch to Your Pop Star Video

The Green Screen Pop Star Party is YGF’s latest development in film parties for kids. When you want excellent girls party ideas that will leave the kids amazed by the unique and exciting experience, this is a party theme package that you’ll definitely want to consider. This incredible party experience comes with the following:

• Fun themed e-invitations for your guests.
• A professional film maker.
• A party assistant.
• Music PA system.
• Exciting themed costumes and props to make your video even more fun.
• Green screen backdrops that will ensure your birthday girl and her friends will look like real pop stars in a studio.
• Your child’s choice of sound track.
• All the professional equipment needed to make your child’s pop star video look amazing. From professional camera equipment to the green screen, music, sound equipment and the equipment needed for editing. Everything necessary to create their own amazing pop star video will come right to your home or party location.
• On site editing for super-fast results. Your child will have their own pop star video ready for viewing by the end of their party.
• A thrilling world premiere that is always a fantastic hit with the party guests and birthday child.

While you’ll get everything you need to entertain the kids, including a fantastic finished video that will delight everyone, it’s important to keep in mind that YGF does not provide any of the food for the party. You can provide your own cake and refreshments or choose to have these items catered.

The Right Party Theme is Important

When it comes to fantastic girls party ideas, finding something that will keep the birthday child entertained as well as all of their guests will be extremely important. Fortunately, unique party themes that will allow the kids to play out some of their dreams in a fun and professional environment will offer a memorable and rewarding experience for everyone.

Every child looks forward to a birthday celebration that will be fun for them and their friends. Of course, choosing a party package that will not only entertain, but will also thrill the kids with something that they never anticipated will certainly let them enjoy an experience that they will be talking about for a very long time.

More Great Party Ideas

The Pop Star promo party and the Green Screen Pop Star party are both excellent opportunities to try your hand at becoming your own pop star; however, if you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own movie, the Movie Maker party is an excellent choice. Girls who have an interest in movie making will enjoy the unique opportunities offered with this fun party theme.

When it comes to exceptional girls birthday party ideas, the Movie Makers party offers an opportunity for creativity as well as plenty of thrills and excitement for everyone. Party guests will love learning some tricks of the trade while creating their own fun movie. Professional movie makers will offer expert tips and will be there to help your child and her friends create a movie that they will be thrilled to watch over and over again.

The Movie Makers party comes with the special touches that will put your party over the top. You’ll be able to enjoy an extraordinary birthday party complete with the following party enhancements:

• e-invitations that are themed for your Movie Makers party, so your guests will be ready for a thrilling movie making adventure.
• 2 experienced film makers ready to help your child and her friends plan and create the movie of their dreams.
• 1 party assistant to help keep everything moving along smoothly.
• Professional camera, sound and editing equipment so you’re always ensured of exceptional high quality results.
• A fun collection of props and costumes that will add a great touch to your movie making experience.
• A link to a digital download of your exciting movie. This link can be used to share your movie with friends and guests. This is an excellent souvenir that will provide fond memories of this wonderful birthday celebration.

With a thrilling Movie Makers party your child will enjoy working with the experts to plan, shoot and edit their very own movie. Of course, they will also have an opportunity to star in their own movie along with their friends. They’ll all have an incredible time learning more about making movies while clowning around and enjoying the unique opportunity to create their own masterpiece. At the end of the day’s shoot, final editing will be completed and everyone will be able to gather around and enjoy the movie premiere, complete with an exciting awards ceremony.

This party is perfect for groups ranging from 2 to 14 people. Everyone will enjoy the movie making opportunity! This party has a duration of 6 hours and is best suited for children aged 8 to 16 years.

Let the Birthday Girl Star in Her Own Movie Adventure

If your child has ever dreamed of being in the movies, the Movie Parties birthday theme is going to be a hit! This fun party theme lets your child star in her own movie adventure. Whether she’s always wanted to be an actress, or she has a favourite movie character she’d like to recreate, this is the perfect birthday party theme to let her be the star in her very own movie.

The Movie Parties package will allow your child and her friends to star in an exciting movie production of their own choice. They will have expert help from the film crew, so you can always rest assured that the finished movie will be something you’ll all enjoy. Your daughter and her friends will be thrilled at the professional results and they’ll have a wonderful sense of accomplishment and pride when they sit down for the premiere of the movie they helped to create, film and edit. There’s definitely a sense of pride when your child and her friends finally gather around to view their finished movie.

The Movie Makers Party comes complete with the following items:

• Fun movie themed e-invitations to send to all of your guests
• An experienced film crew of 4 to 6 members, depending on the particular movie theme as well as the number of party guests.
• All camera equipment as well as editing and sound equipment for a professional HD quality movie.
• Appropriate props and costumes for the party theme your child has picked.
• An exciting big screen premiere at the end of the editing process. This is an exciting part of the day and one that will have the kids smiling and laughing from start to finish. There’s nothing that compares with the thrill of seeing yourself starring in a fun movie that you had a hand in creating.
• An exciting Awards Ceremony!
• A special feature of behind-the-scenes clips that will have everyone roaring with laughter.
• A link for your HD movie and behind-the-scenes out takes that you can share with friends, family and party guests.

Make Your Daughter’s Next Birthday Something She’ll Remember for a Lifetime

There are numerous options available for all types of party themes, but when your daughter wants something truly unique and exciting for her next birthday celebration, be sure to consider the wonderful opportunities available at YFA. She’ll enjoy creating her own pop star video or learning more about film making as she stars in her own movie with her friends.

Imagine the thrill of creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can capture on HD video for a treasured memento that will bring back pleasant memories for years to come. Every child deserves a special birthday celebration and creating something that will give her a sense of accomplishment as well as a thrilling day of fun with her friends will be a treasured memory she’ll always look back on fondly.