Dear Mums and Dads,

Finding exciting childrens party ideas can sometimes feel like finding the Holy Grail. Really tricky, right? You want to find something fun, memorable, convenient and affordable – a party with a wow-factor, a day your child and their friends will be talking about for years to come.

Well, here comes the good news, parents: the Grail is yours!

Young Film Academy are the UK’s leading provider of filmmaking education, and offer a range of Hollywood-style filmmaking kids parties from £590, all perfect for boys and girls aged 5-16. Our parties always end with a premiere screening of the pop video or movie that’s been produced during your party, so your guests feel like A-listers and every party finishes on a high! You receive copies of your video after the party, to share with your guests and watch for years to come!

So call us on 0207 387 4341 to discuss your party package or click on the big red button to get started choosing the perfect party for your star-in-the-making….

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Birthdays should always be special occasions, especially for children. A birthday cake and presents won’t make the event that special. To make the day more memorable, sometimes one has to up the ante. Added flair will make the occasion memorable for the celebrant and his or her guests. This is why it is important to come up with unique childrens party ideas

Theme Parties

Theme parties will always remain a popular option. You may choose to create invitations that will echo the theme of the party. Don’t forget the treats, giveaways and the cake as well. You can ask the guests to come dressed to fit the theme and use your creativity to turn the venue into a scenic location.

However, a theme party is not always a hit. This is because many people forget to include fun activities for children as they are too busy with aesthetics. This is why more parents decide to include a fun way to document these special events.

Young Film Academy Movie Parties

These fun events should be documented and we know a camera phone will not be able to do it justice. Young Film Academy provides exciting birthday solutions to add flair to the occasion. They offer movie parties wherein your child and his or her friends can create their own movies or star in one.

Young Film Academy UK provides practical filmmaking education to children aged 6 to 19. Their movie parties are filmed by award-winning crew and this can be done at your home or a location of your choice.  Their know-how shows in the finished product, making their films better than those created by mum or dad with a handy cam.

The talented crew of YFA has come up with unique party themes. Here are some interesting childrens party ideas for your son or daughter’s movie party.

Zombie Apocalypse

A strange virus has infected the people of Earth! Weirdly enough, the zombies are only interested in birthday cake and treats.

Your child will adore a gruesome yet sweet brain birthday cake. The zombie guests might want to create a short video of them wreaking havoc on the uninfected guests. But then again, they might prefer to make a dance video instead.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Wonderland is a beautiful yet rarely used party concept. One can add red and white paper roses to existing bushes and use brightly coloured chinaware which does not have to match.

Imagine how pleasantly surprised your child would be if you transformed your lawn into Wonderland. An Alice costume is easy to make. All you will need is a blue dress with a white apron. You can ask guests to come as characters from Wonderland. Perhaps Mum would like to dress up as the Red or White Queen and Dad can be the Mad Hatter.

Star Wars

Star Wars continues to dominate the science fiction scene. This is a perfect theme for children and adults alike. You can ask your guests to dress up as their favourite character. Light sabers may be given as giveaways.

The Young Film Academy crew can help you create a Star Wars themed birthday bash that your guests will remember forever. The force is definitely strong with this party concept.

Fairies and Mermaids

If you would rather not stick to a movie theme, you might consider creating your own concept that is loosely based on your child’s favourite cartoon. It doesn’t have to be that accurate, as that will take too much work.

If your little girl loved Barbie and The Secret Door, she will be overjoyed at the thought of dressing up like a fairy or a mermaid on her special day. You can decorate your backyard with fairy lights and dress up a kiddie pool to resemble a pond for the mermaid guests.  However, if you are short on budget, a blue blanket will work just fine instead of a kiddie pool.

Hotel Transylvania Birthdays

Make your child’s birthday scream-tastic with a Hotel Transylvania themed event! This fun-filled theme won’t be a hassle as guests can re-use their Halloween costumes. It’s a perfect theme for mixed parties.

Make the day extra special with food that fits the theme as closely as possible. You can mix cranberry and blueberry juice to make Blood Punch. Add some peeled seedless grapes as they look like eyeballs. Don’t forget the scream cheese on bagels!

Commando Adventures

Playing soldier is on top of the list of most little boys and girls. This is a great outdoor party idea solution. You can ask the kids to wear camouflage print shirts and provide them with the helmets and plastic guns as giveaways. You will need a wide outdoor area for the film. A backyard will do, preferably one with bushes and trees to use as a backdrop for the film.

If you want to go the extra mile, you may want to create mini obstacle courses for the kids. Please note that it should be nothing too strenuous.

Hogwarts Birthday Bash

Hogwarts is in search of new wizards and witches since Ron, Harry and Hermione have graduated. Will the birthday celebrant ready for the school try-outs? Please note that there should be a “wand” store where children can choose a wand that matches them perfectly.

Spell casting will be performed and the child will leave the party with a companion stuffed animal. If the guests are worthy, acceptance letters from Hogwarts will magically appear. This is definitely one of the best childrens party ideas as there are so many new angles to try.

The Talent Show

Simon is in search for the best Britain talents. The birthday celebrant and the guests must create a film that showcases their skills, and a message for the celebrant must be included as well.

Who do you think will make it to stardom? What hidden talents will we witness tonight? The Young Film Academy crew is excited to see what the kids can do.

Luau Party

Add a bit of tropical flavour to the occasion with a Hawaiian themed birthday bash. You can decorate the venue with tiki torches (unlit) and have a volcano or hula girl cake made especially for the party. All the kids will need are swimwear, grass skirts and a pool. They can shoot a short hula dance video to commemorate the occasion and a green screen can be used during the video so that the background can be edited to suit the film.

International Super Spies

This is the best theme option for children who enjoy espionage movies. Also, if you are in search for easy yet interesting childrens party ideas, this is one of them.

You can create a theme that incorporates Despicable Me and James Bond. The best part is that you may choose to add extra fun to the event by asking your super spies to find the super villain before the end of the party. Please make sure you create an easy to solve mystery if you have guests under the age of 8.

Disney Princesses

Generalized childrens party ideas are perfect for parents who do not wish to stick to a specific theme. Imagine a pastel-hued party where all of Disney’s princesses can meet and mingle. Your daughter and her guests will enjoy dressing up like their favourite princesses for a day. The guests will enjoy snacking on “poison” candied apples, try on a “glass” slipper and listening to a favourite fairytale as they sit on a magic carpet.

Astronaut Birthday

Houston, we have a birthday! Most children will be thrilled at the thought of going to outer space for a day. If your child dreams of zooming through space in a spaceship, he or she will love an astronaut theme party! You can ask them to create a short film with space, the Final Frontier as their back drop!

Your children and the guests will enjoy starring in a film where they can pretend to be astronauts landing on a mystery planet for the first time. Please don’t forget to include aliens to make things more interesting.


Indian culture is colourful and exciting. If you have had the chance to watch a Bollywood movie, you will notice that there is usually a song and dance scene. Let your child and is or her guests star in a colourful Bollywood film to celebrate the special day!

You can ask your guests to dress in lively colours and decorate the place to make it worthy of an A-list Bollywood production. A green screen may also be used if you wish to change the scenery into something more dramatic.

The Oscar Awards

It’s Oscar Awards Night! All the hottest Hollywood celebrities are walking down the red carpet. There are reporters and paparazzi trying to get the latest scoop on the world’s favourite stars. Who does your child want to be for the night? Will he or she win a coveted Oscar?

These parties are perfect for mixed guests, as both boys and girls will have a favourite celebrity that they can dress as. Of all the childrens party ideas, this one will be quite easy to pull off.

You can pass out Oscar shaped party favour and the children can be filmed giving their acceptance speeches and leave a message for the birthday boy or girl! Please substitute champagne for something more child-appropriate, like apple juice
Super Villain Convention

Sometimes heroes and heroines can be boring. Perhaps your child wants to be the bad guy for a day? A super villain convention will be a great way for all the famous bad guys and girls to get together and plan world domination.

The super secret villain meeting place may resemble a secret lair or even a board room. A green screen can be used if the children want a background that resembles one from Despicable Me or Megamind.

There are so many exciting super villain costumes to choose from! To make the night more exciting, you can offer super villain awards to the best dressed guests.

Pop Star Night

All the pop stars are coming together to make a special music video for their friend’s birthday bash! This party will be hard to top, as most kids will be thrilled at the thought of dressing as one of their pop idols for the day.
Your child and his or her friends will enjoy making a music video mash up of all their favourite pop songs. With the help of a green screen they can visit different exclusive locations in one afternoon.

Supermodel Theme Party

Sashay down the catwalk in honour of a very special birthday celebrant! If your child dreams of becoming the next top model, this is an easy yet exciting theme to try out. The guests can dress in their best clothes and pretend to be the hottest supermodels in the planet.

Please make sure that you have paparazzi in coats to take pictures of the celebrant and the guests all afternoon! The whole world has to see this momentous occasion! The Young Film Academy crew can use their expertise by changing the backdrop to any popular location the celebrant wants.

Cowboy Afternoon

Howdy, partner! Do you wanna be a cowboy for the day? The ranch is looking for promising cowboys and cowgirls!

The children will be thrilled at the concept of chasing each other on hobby horses and lassoing varmints, or a large stuffed toy! Please remember to provide milk and cookies for the tired cowboys and cowgirls after such a strenuous day at work.

Samurais and Ninjas

Godzilla is wreaking havoc on the city! Japan needs all the best samurais and ninjas to protect Tokyo! The samurai team must go against the ninja team to find out who will be worthy of this honour.

The kids will enjoy a day of testing their strength and cunning to save a city in distress. You may need a large yard or outdoor space for the fight scenes.

Birthdays are milestones. Each one should be just as, or if not, more special than the last one. This is why the YFA film crew works hard to ensure that each short film is a masterpiece.This is because they believe that each film they create should be worth watching in the years to come.

The Young Film Academy offers a wide range of movie concepts to choose from. With their eye for detail, the crew can create the perfect movie to commemorate the special occasion. For more information regarding their rates and services, please give them a call or set a meeting.