Refine Your Talents At Young Acting Summer School


Are you an aspiring actor aged 12-17 looking for an acting summer school? Young Film Academy’s Residential Acting & Filmmaking Summer Camp specialises in giving young actors and actresses the techniques and experience they need to perform with impact on SCREEN.

Many aspiring young actors and acresses love movies and TV shows, and want to know how they can make a career in front of the camera? Some actors get picked for screen roles, some don’t. What makes the difference?


There are lots of opportunities out there for kids to act in theatre. But acting for the camera requires different skills from acting on stage.

Aspiring young actors aged 12-13 & 14-17 now have an amazing opportunity to live on-site with Young Film Academy for 1, 2 or 3 weeks this summer, and learn screen acting techniques from specialist acting coaches. These young actors then take parts in the movies produced by the Filmmaking Crew, which are premiered at the end of the camp, and can be used to build up a show-reel.

So if you want to get screen acting experience, have fun and make new friends, join Young Film Academy’s summer camp!


It is immensely popular for kids and young adults to attend summer school during their holidays. For those that are passionate about film and would like a career in the film industry, nothing beats going to acting summer school. That is why Young Film Academy (YFA), a youngfilm – acting summer school was established. Young Film Academy (YFA) is a leading provider for courses that teach people from age six to nineteen all the aspects of filmmaking.

Why Go To a Young Acting Summer School?

When the holidays arrive and kids break from school, they tend to get bored and this might lead into trouble. Fortunately, kids who are passionate about acting and film making can stay occupied by perusing their passions. Attending summer school means that kids get to sharpen the skills that they have and gain valuable knowledge about the industry. But the advantages are much more than simply sharpening skills and gaining knowledge in film making.

At summer film school, kids interact with other kids and broaden their perspective. They begin to establish a network that extends beyond school, home or any other areas that they have known before. They become engaged in programs in groups which have kids who are as passionate as they are about film making. This helps them to remain focused while giving them a chance to connect and create friendships with people with interests common to theirs. They build friendships that can last a lifetime and help foster relations that enhance their enthusiasm for film making.

Having summer school for film making is vital in giving children a chance to express their creativity. This is necessary because it helps them to experience personal growth while enhancing their development in an environment that is friendly. When kids and young people are put together, they remain competitive and their innate instincts take over. As a result, they become more confident in their abilities and their film making talents are easily nurtured.

What to Expect at Summer School

Young Film Academy (YFA) has programs that teach kids everything about making films. Kids get to learn about film production and the entire process that is involved in the making of a film. This includes scriptwriting, which is the process of writing scripts for the mass media. They get to learn how feature films and television production are created.

They also learn about casting and shooting and will learn more on film classifications. They are introduced to the process of sound recording and reproduction. They are taught how editing and screening works so that they know how to produce a finished product that is ready for audiences. They learn more about costumes and about sets and videos. Basically, they acquire skills about all the aspects of filmmaking.

Young Film Academy (YFA) has an environment that is hands on and is perfect for young people. With avant-garde equipment and a focus on individual talent as well as team player approach, young filmmakers work collectively and acquire skills for the real world. Young Film Academy (YFA) believes that there is no better approach to equipping children than to get them out there doing what they love to do.

What Young People Love About Young Film Academy (YFA)

Many young people have been transformed because of coming to Young Film Academy (YFA) summer school. They leave the summer school full of confidence and skills that set them apart making them ready to become what they dream of. They work behind the camera and they find that this is truly an incredible experience. They have an opportunity that is unexampled complete their very first digital feature films. In the 10 years that Young Film Academy (YFA) has been in existence, more than 7500 children have had the chance to do exactly that.

A Film Academy With A Wonderful Reputation

As a hub partner of the British Film Institute (BFI) Film Academy Network, Young Film Academy (YFA) has a great reputation. YFA has continued to help young people develop their filming capabilities and is responsible for the discovering the United Kingdom’s top talent. The experience at youngfilm – acting summer school is definitely worthwhile. Coming to the academy is coming to an institution that has developed a wonderful reputation over the years.

The has a unique ability to nurture young people and help them learn how to create scenes, use the cameras to communicate. They provide an intensive experience while keeping the entire education enjoyable. If you have a child or children who are talented, this is the best place for them to bring out their filmmaking capabilities. It is a chance for them to cultivate and advance wonderful filmmaking skills while appreciating an experience that is abundantly beneficial and quite memorable. The goals are quite simple:

• Children will comprehend the major components of filmmaking.

• They will learn how to casting operates and how to get ready to shoot films.

• The will acquire skills that enable them to record sounds and understand how to use sound for dramatization.

• They will comprehend the role of scriptwriting, what the director does, what the cinematographer does, what sound recorders do and the role of the storyboard artist. They will also understand who the editor is and what all the above people are expected of thus being able to perform these roles themselves.

Our Acting Summer School is Like No Other

Filmmaking is an interesting, synergetic and imaginative quest that is much more attainable and affordable today. Nonetheless, to make great films, there is a need to comprehend the fundamentals. This is why our acting summer school is unparalleled. Kids come to summer school and in that short period of time, they work with other kids. They collaborate to make films and are part of a valuable role in the creation of the film. This provides them with practical and priceless hands on training that they need to perfect their abilities.

Young Film Academy (YFA) has been the choice summer filmmaking school for an incredible assortment of students. Most students are from the United Kingdom and a good number are from outside the country. The Film academy is privileged to be the preferred summer film school for many children from the United Kingdom.

This diversity is essential in providing students with a broad perspective while helping them with great exposure, a key component for anyone that wants to become a film maker. Attending summer school at young film academy helps children to become multidimensional visual thinker. This equips them with the ability to flourish in the world of today. When young people leave the academy, they are furnished, character driven individuals that are self assured and this opens up their world to a career in filmmaking that can be richly rewarding. Attending acting summer school at Young Film Academy will help them determine if this is what they want to do in future.

What We Have on Offer

There are four venues in four areas of London where kids can attend the holiday filmmaking courses. Children aged 8 to 18 can attend Residential Filmmaking and Acting Summer Camp for kids aged 10 to 13 and 14 to 17. The Four day Filmmaking School is for children aged 10 to 13 and 14 to 18. There is the Make a Film in a Day Course that’s suitable for beginners and appropriate for ages 8 to 13. The Animation Course is designed for kids aged 10 to 14 and there is a private course that is appropriate for kids of any age and can be held at just about any time.

The Key Focus of Young Film Academy

The focal point of the Young Film Academy (YFA) is on film production. Students have the opportunity to identify their creative potential while exhibiting the skills and knowledge that they have gained. The entire program is beneficial because the children are continually and progressively exposed the science and approach of film production. They always have a chance to put into practice what they learn with their peers and every learner assist in the entire process.

Everyone who takes part in the summer school is supported and encouraged to explore, to exercise their ability and to identify how they can apply filmmaking technology for creative expression. This provides each and every individual with exceptional equipping for imaginative expression.

Get Creative and Comprehensive Filmmaking Education

If you want your children to learn how to be creative and gain comprehensive filmmaking education, is perfect for them. They get to attend a summer school that’s fun and functional. Our film academy is one of the best in the United Kingdom because it teaches children how to make their ideas come alive. They work with other children, form crews and with the mentoring of people who know all about filmmaking, kids are introduced into the world of filmmaking.

As long as your child has an interest in filmmaking, they can come to Young Film Academy. While prior use of camera and the ability to write scripts might come in handy, everything will be introduced to the children like they are novices. They can continue their education during the summer holidays, only this time they are learning filmmaking. They are getting equipped to give the world a perspective of their imaginativeness. They are learning how to shape their piece of work while experiencing the world of filmmaking first hand.

Because they learn every role, they leave the school with a comprehension of every facet in filmmaking. The school helps the kids gain a broad spectrum as far as the skills required in all areas of filmmaking is concerned. They become film makers but also gain insight into the management of films at an early age. This sets a foundation for them to work in any area of the industry and gives them an early edge over those without exposure to filmmaking.

A Film School with the Young at Heart

Most parents are of the opinion that teaching children filmmaking at a young age is invaluable. Young learners in the field of filmmaking can develop into the generations who will create masterpieces. When they learn filmmaking early, they become artists. Summer film school

At Young Film Academy, children have an opportunity to take something that begins in their imaginations and to turn that into reality. They can build that right from the ground and they can sit back and watch what they have created on screen. This makes the children realize their potential and brings out their abilities. This is why is a film school with the young at heart.

Summer Learning Programs and Creativity

Summer learning programs are generally purposed at getting students to explore their interests while establishing new skills. During the programs, children gain valuable hands on experience that they might find lacking in class. They also get the chance to come into contact with other children who have interests that are same with theirs. It is essential for gifted children to attend summer learning programs that can bring out their creative abilities. This is the major intention of

Helping Your Child Achieve Their Dream

Some children have latent abilities and talents and are probably not aware of this. Attending a young film academy summer learning program will help your child determine if filmmaking is what they truly want to do in life. If you are a parent that is interested in your child’s happiness, you will want to help them achieve their life’s ambitions. If your child dreams about becoming a player in the film industry, you can help them actualize this dream by letting them attend youngfilm – acting summer school.

Your child could be America’s nest idol, or the person behind the camera creating the idol. Talent is progressively developed and nobody is born with it. Helping them develop their talent is very essential in getting them to where they want to be. This is exactly what acting summer school is all about. Every child has a talent in one area or the other.

A child’s experiences in their formative years can have a major influence as they develop as adults. Parents who identify their children’s talent early enough and work towards developing the talent actually prepare the child for the future. Getting your child to go to acting summer school once you realize their interest in filmmaking will set them off to a path to future success. For children have a special interest in filmmaking, this is exactly what Young Film Academy is all about. Get in touch with us today and we can help stir your child to a path towards achievement and fulfillment.