Acting School For Kids – Fun, Accommodating Courses

There are plenty of acting schools for kids that specialise in theatre. But acting for the camera requires different skills from acting on stage. Many aspiring young actors and acresses aged 10-18 want to star in movies or TV shows. Some young actors get picked for screen roles, some don’t. What makes the difference?


Young Film Academy’s Residential Acting & Filmmaking Summer Camp specialises in giving young actors and actresses the techniques and experience they need to perform with impact on SCREEN.

Aspiring young actors aged 12-13, 14-17 can live on-site for 1, 2 or 3 weeks and learn screen acting techniques from specialist acting coaches. These young actors then take parts in the movies produced by the Filmmaking Crew, which are premiered at the end of the camp, and can be used to build up a show-reel.

Do you want screen acting experience? Come and join us to make movies this summer!

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We at the Young Film Academy have an entire range of courses at our acting school for kids. We can accommodate children between the ages of 8 — 18 who are beginners, or even those with some
experience. If you’d like to do a private course, we offer these for kids of all ages. We’ll provide you with all the knowledge and skills you require to be a film actor. We also provide you with a fun space to make movies of your own so that you can get acquainted better with yourself as an actor, and
gain some experience.

What do we offer?

We offer a number of different acting and film making courses and programs. With all the external pressure that kids are subject to these days, we have designed courses to accommodate
different needs. We offer courses from as short as one day, to as long as ten weeks, with different daily and weekly requirements. We can also design custom courses of a unique structure that suits your needs.

By structuring our courses in this way, we can be sure that you will learn all you need to learn about acting, while your schooling and other commitments won’t be impeded upon. We have a ten week course which only runs every Saturday, and thus allows for children to attend school during the week. Similarly, our two week intensive summer camps only operate during the summer holidays. So it will not interfere with your child’s school curriculum and they will obviously not miss out on any work. The intensive summer camps course is also a great idea as kids get to focus completely on what they are learning during these two weeks and parents can relax, since it is the summer holidays.

What will you learn?

Our courses will teach you a variety of different subjects regarding film making and acting. You will learn all the basics you need to know about for film making, and from this you will learn the most appropriate ways to act for film. Acting for film and acting for a live audience in a stage production
are two vastly different skills. We will specifically teach you how to act for film.

We will do this not by simply teaching you theory and getting you to do unrealistic practical exercises, but by getting you to actually make movies and act in them. This “hands on” approach will get you to be familiar with acting on a set in front of a camera, and will allow for you to become comfortable with this type of acting. You will learn how to work with the set, the props, the other actors and the camera in such a way that works best for your own films that you will be making.

It’s a lot of fun!

Even though you’ll be doing a lot and learning every step of the way, our courses are loads of fun. You’ll be doing it with other kids, and acting is actually a really fun experience. It is not too dissimilar to playing, in that you will be creating a whole new world full of new characters and stories. You can
really let your imagination run wild and get really creative at our acting school for kids, because you’ll be creating an original film of your own, alongside other kids. So browse through our different courses and find the ideal one for you, so you can learn something new and have fun while doing it!

Our Courses

We have a range of courses which suit different people’s needs. We have some which are geared more towards people wanting to be actors, and some, for older kids, which can help you break into
the film making industry.

Some of our courses geared towards acting for kids:

> Make a Film In a Day. With this course, the name says it all. Great for beginners or those kids who aren’t sure if this is something they really want to invest themselves in, you simply get to make a film in a day. This provides a great overview of the entire film making process as kids have to push through so that they can walk away with an edited and completed film.

> Four Day Film School. Again, the name is also the description. In four days you really get to know the film making process through a “hands on”, “learning by doing” approach. More detailed than the Make a Film In a Day course, with this one you get a bit of a better look at all the different aspects of film making, from script writing, to acting, to filming and editing. This course provides you with a solid foundation in the basics of film making.

> Residential Summer Camps. We offer two different summer camps; a one week camp, or a two week camp. This allows for the kids to be totally immersed in the film making process, and really get to know it. This provides you with the skills you need to be a great filmmaker or actor, and gives you an amazing opportunity to live the experience. You will have so much opportunity to practically engage in acting and film making and your skills will develop immeasurably. On one of our camps you will really discover yourself as an actor and a filmmaker.

>  BFI Film Academy. This is a ten week course which runs only every Saturday. This course is geared towards the older kids, aged 16 — 19. This course similarly will provide you with the
knowledge and tools you require to be a great filmmaker or actor, and gives you a space to play with and explore these techniques. This course is however, a little more serious. It is a fantastic way to help you break into the actual film industry and gain some industry experience.

> Private Film making Courses. We also give you the option of requesting a private course for groups. This means that you can help us design the course so that it meets all your requirements and does not impinge on your time. Because these courses are custom built, they can go into the amount of depth you desire, and can cover any areas you specifically require.

As you can see, our courses are built to accommodate you. We make them fun by putting the kids in control of making their own films so that they can truly get to understand what the film making experience is like. Whether you’re interested in a career in the film industry, or just curious about the process, we have the ideal course for you.

Learning the Practical Way

As mentioned above, we really push the kids to learn about the film making process by engaging in it practically. This approach means that the kids aren’t being bored out of their minds by someone lecturing them about the theory of film. Instead, we show the kids what they need to know, and then let them run with it. After all, doing something is the best way to learn it.

Because we put the kids in charge, they have total creative control. When the kids know that they have creative control they grow more attached to it, because they know that what they are making is theirs. They imagined it, and now they can create it!

The kids then have no problem learning about film making and acting, because now that they know that the project is theirs, they are actually invested in it. This means that most of the children who take our courses throw themselves into the project with all their heart and actually create something they love and are truly proud of. They get to have fun during the process, and because they have worked so hard on it, they walk away having actually learnt something.

Too often kids aren’t learning in the classroom. You can put the knowledge in front of them, but they won’t absorb unless they are truly interested and actually want to learn. By giving the kids control and letting them know that the project is theirs, we remove this problem and create a desire in the children to learn.

Acting for Film

With our acting courses, you must remember that this is acting for film. This is a very different art to acting on the stage. Many kids have had some experience acting in school plays and the like, but few have had the opportunity to try acting for film.

We teach the kids the basics they need to know for effective acting while being filmed. This can be very liberating for the kids as they no longer need to worry about things like projecting their voice for the audience, or facing and engaging with the audience rather than with their fellow actors. Once
they have gotten used to these new techniques they are given the greatest opportunity to refine their abilities: actually acting for films.

Learning through Play

As mentioned earlier, the best way to learn something is by doing it. When we learn something new it can take us a little while before we really get to grips with it. You only really know how to do something properly when we are comfortable with doing that thing.

This is the core idea behind how we get the kids to learn about acting and film making. They learn through play, by trial and error. With acting they are given a space now in which they can act for cameras, with other actors and have the opportunity to try new things and experiment a little bit. Through this experience, and by experimenting with what they have learnt, the kids can really develop themselves as actors.

At the end of the day, when it comes to acting, a lot of the art comes down to being about confidence. By allowing the children time in front of the camera, they can work out what’s best together and have fun while doing it. If they’re having fun they usually lose their self-conscious shyness and really come out of their shells. This will give them the confidence they need to act convincingly and learn about themselves as actors.

Costumes and Sets

A central part to being an actor is learning how to work your costume and your set. The kids will get to design their own costumes which will epitomise their characters. Being in costume can often help them with their acting, and many kids have a lot of fun with this step of the process. Developing your character and getting together a costume can be important when you’re an actor, because this allows you to truly understand and become the character you are portraying. With our courses you can go wild with the costumes and the makeup, and this will really help the kids with their acting.

Just as important as the costume is the set. The set needs to be convincing for both the viewers and the actors. If the actors can familiarise themselves with the sets, then they will be able to incorporate what is around them into their act. The kids will get to build their own sets which will give them an inside look into how settings in films are created. Actors will them be able to consider how sets can be used to benefit their performance and to become more convincing.

The props around the actors, including their sets and costumes are extremely important for their experience and learning process. At our acting schools for kids, they will be able to really sink their teeth into how acting, costumes and sets all relate to each other and play off one another. This will
give them a good look into the world of film and acting.

Young Film Academy

The Young Film Academy aims to provide meaningful and useful courses to kids on film making and acting that can really benefit them and give them an experience to be remembered. By taking a unique “hands on” approach, we find that we can really get kids to engage with film making and acting, and that they have loads of fun on our courses. By letting the kids have fun, we give them the opportunity of a lifetime in which they can learn something new, have fun while doing it, and create something special.