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We know that coming up with an 11th birthday party idea can be tricky, right? You want to find something fun, unique, convenient and affordable – a party that your son or daughter will be talking about for years to come…

Well here’s the good news: your search is over!

Young Film Academy offer a range of kids parties, all perfect for eleven-year-old boys and girls. Our parties always end with a premiere screening of the pop video or film that’s been made during your party, so your guests feel like A-listers and every party finishes on a high! You receive copies of your video after the party, to share with your guests and re-live for years to come!

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Are you looking for a fun and exciting birthday idea for your child’s next birthday party? There are so many options that you can choose for a party theme, but many of these themes are things your child has probably already outgrown. You can go along with any of the standard ho-hum party themes and give your child a birthday celebration that will be just okay, but not memorable or extraordinary; however, you can also choose to give them a special birthday party that they and their friends will be raving about for a very long time. Discover some of the best 11th birthday party ideas that will give your child something that sets their birthday celebration apart from all the others. This is the year to do something remarkable!

Unique and Exciting 11th Birthday Party Ideas

Can you imagine the thrill your child will have with an exciting birthday party that lets them be a pop star in their own video? In fact, whether you have a child who has always dreamed of being in the movies or their aspirations lean more towards being behind the camera, Young Film Academy offers something unique and memorable that will give your child a birthday celebration they’ll never forget!

At, you’ll find a wonderful selection of party ideas that are ideal for the birthday child who dreams of being a star. Whether it’s producing their own professional quality movie masterpiece or starring in their own pop video, your child and their friends are sure to have a blast with these incredible 11th birthday party ideas. Some exciting options that your child will adore, include the following:

• Pop Star Party — your child will be able to star in their own pop video!
• Green Screen Pop Star Party — your child will be able to create a pop video with their friends using their favourite track with around-the-world flair.
• Movie Makers — kids can work with their friends to produce their own movie masterpiece with a movie premiere and awards ceremony at the end.
• Movie Party — The birthday child will be able to star in a Hollywood style movie with their friends, something that will surely be a hit.
• Genie Film — Turn your entire family into stars with a personalized movie you can show at your child’s birthday celebration.

Birthday Party Ideas for 11 Year Olds

Finding something unique that a group of 11 year olds will enjoy can sometimes be a bit challenging, especially when they all seem to have their own idea of what they think would be a great time; however, with the wonderful opportunities for a special birthday celebration that are offered by young film academy, your troubles are over. You certainly won’t have to worry about whether your child and their friends will have a great time because one of these exceptional party ideas will leave them feeling like the star that they are. In fact, your child as well as all of their party guests will all have an absolutely tremendous time celebrating with one of these amazing party themes.

Whether you choose a movie or filmmaking party, your child will enjoy a birthday celebration that will be a memorable part of their childhood. Some of the wonderful options from which they will be able to choose are included below. You can read through the specifics of each party theme and choose the one that best meets the dreams of your child. These amazing 11th birthday party ideas are sure to leave your child feeling extra special and will certainly thrill their friends. You don’t have to pick one of the old standby party themes, chose something that will provide wonderful excitement and memories for everyone in attendance.

Popstar Party

What child hasn’t dreamed of being an amazing popstar? Whether it’s been your child’s aspiration to be the next up and coming popstar or they just like to dance and sing along with their favourite music tracks, a popstar party is sure to be an exciting way to let the kids get out there and enjoy some great music and exceptional fun with their friends. The birthday child and guests will be featured in their very own professional pop video. Your child will be able to pick their favourite track and join their friends for an incredible video experience. A professional filmmaker will be dispatched to your home or the location of your party, and will create a quality pop promo that features your child and their friends. Of course, after the filming of their pop video if finished, they’ll all get to gather together and enjoy an exciting premiere screening where they’ll experience the thrill of watching themselves perform.

The Details of Your Popstar Party

Your child will be able to choose their favourite sound track. This track should be preselected so they’re all ready to go once the filmmaker arrives. The filmmaker will arrive at your home or selected venue with the necessary equipment to film the pop video as well as provide the editing for the finished product. During the editing phase, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to serve some food, cake or other refreshments for the birthday child and party guests. Of course, once the video has been professionally edited, it will be time for everyone to finally get a premiere of their amazing popstar video.

This party is designed to last for 3.5 hours, an ideal time frame for maximizing the fun without overwhelming the party guests. Everyone will enjoy the party from start to finish and at the end of the editing phase, your child will have a remarkable video of their very own that they will be able to enjoy over and over again. An exciting way to relive the memories of their birthday celebration. Of course, there should be someone available to supervise the children and all food and beverages will need to be provided by the venue, caterer or another source. These items are not provided in the birthday party package.

To make your popstar party as memorable as possible, you’ll receive the following:

• Themed e-invitations that you can use to send to all of your party guests.
• A professional filmmaker as well as an assistant. Additional party assistants can be arranged at an extra cost.
• A wonderful PA system to give your party a great sound.
• All camera equipment and post production equipment will be brought to your home or party venue.
• You’ll have a selection of props and costumes to add even more excitement to your child’s popstar party.
• Once editing is complete, you’ll receive a link that will provide you with your downloadable popstar promo that you can save as well as share with party guests.

Green Screen Popstar Party

The Green Screen Popstar party is similar to the above Popstar party with the addition of a global touch. Your child will still be able to pick their favourite music track, but the birthday child and friends will have an opportunity to sing, dance and act as silly as they like, all while having a worldwide theme showing in the background. The Green Screen Popstar party features the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art technology for a child’s film themed birthday party; everyone will be amazed at the high production quality video that will become a very special memento of this extraordinary birthday party celebration.

The birthday child will be able to choose their favorite track to use for the video, with a maximum duration of 4 minutes. You’ll have a great time with this party. In fact, even the preparations will be a blast. Simply do the following to create a memorable birthday celebration:

• Choose your favourite pop music track.
• Invite your guests (maximum of 12).
• Relax. The filmmaker and party assistant will come to your party location with everything they need to film and edit your pop video.
• Now the fun begins. Take action and start your singing, dancing or goofing around in front of the professional quality camera. This is where the excitement really gets off to a fun start. Make faces, capture cameos of the adults, just have a great time!
• Once the video is done being filmed, you’ll have time to enjoy a birthday luncheon or cake while on-site editing is being completed by the professionals.
• The culmination of the exciting Green Screen Popstar party is the world premiere. Everyone can gather around and watch the final production of their wonderful popstar world video.

Movie Makers

If your birthday child is more of a behind the camera type, the Movie Makers birthday party is a wonderful idea. This party allows kids an exciting opportunity to plan, shoot and edit their own movie. They can let their creativity flow as they produce their movie. In fact, they can even be the star of their filmmaking endeavours, right along with their friends. This is a fun and educational way to get a hands on look at all aspects of filmmaking.

You’ll be able to provide your child with a unique experience. A professional filmmaker will provide guidance to help ensure your child has a great time planning, shooting and starring in their very own HD movie. Of course, the culmination of this thrilling Movie Makers party is the screening of the edited movie as well as an awards ceremony! For an added benefit, every guest will receive their very own digital copy of the films that were produced. There’s something exciting about having a movie with you as the star, and knowing that you were able to have a hand in the planning, shooting and editing is something that will give each child a sense of pride and accomplishment.

The Movie Makers party is intended for children ages 8 to 16 with a maximum of 14 participants. This party lasts a whopping 6 hours, so your child and guests will have plenty of time to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

With this party, you’ll get:

• e-invitations that are film themed for you to send to party guests
• 2 professional filmmakers as well as a party assistant
• All the equipment needed for filming and editing your movie
• A great selection of costumes and props to use during filming
• A downloadable link that you can share with guests so everyone can keep a copy of their finished movie.

Movie Parties

Movie parties are an excellent way to let your child and guests enjoy being the star of their own movie. Whether they dream of starring in an action packed adventure or being the hero of a murder mystery, a movie party will put the kids front and center in their own movie production.

This exciting party comes complete with the following essentials:

• Filmed themed e-invitations for sending to guests.
• A 4 to 6 person film crew, depending on the number of guests as well as the theme that is selected.
• All of the equipment needed for filming, sound, editing and screening your special production.
• Props and Costumes appropriate for the theme your child has selected.
• An exciting big screen premiere with an awards ceremony that will thrill the birthday child as well as their guests.
• Film includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.
• A link for the HD film as well as the exclusive behind the scenes special feature for an excellent memento of this amazing party experience.

A child’s birthday is a special time to celebrate. Kids are only young for a very short time and giving then something extraordinary like one of these themed birthday parties is an excellent way to provide them with lasting memories of their childhood. What kid wouldn’t want to star in their own Popstar video or enjoy the remarkable experience of being able to create a professional quality HD movie with them and their friends as the stars?

An 11th birthday party should be something fun, yet unique. A typical 11 year old has outgrown the kiddie parties and is ready to take on something a little more exciting. The fun and excitement of these 11th birthday party ideas will give your child something remarkable to look back on, and will certainly make them popular with their peers. Give them something unique for their birthday and they’ll have wonderful memories as well as a memento that they will treasure for years to come.