10 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas Premiere

Dear Mums & Dads,

We know that coming up with 10 year old birthday party ideas can be tricky, right? You want to find something fun, unique convenient and affordable – a party that your son or daughter will be talking about for years to come…

Well here’s the good news: your search is over!

Young Film Academy offer a range of kids parties, all perfect for ten-year-old boys and girls. Our parties always end with a premiere screening of the pop video or film that’s been made during your party, so your guests feel like A-listers and every party finishes on a high! You receive copies of your video after the party, to share with your guests and re-live for years to come!

Call us on 0207 387 4341 or click on the big red button to get started choosing the perfect party for your ten year old…

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*Film is Magical*

Time and again, movies make magic. They transport us to other worlds, ignite passion and imagination, and show us possibilities in every human endeavor. They do this whether it’s a cartoon or a film that uses real actors.  Film unites people the world over. In fact, it’s one major  human invention that most cultures love and share.

Move make memories as well as magic. It is not uncommon to hear people reflect back on their childhood via certain movies. People who lived in the 1970s remember the impact that blockbusters such as Jaws and Star Wars made on the world.  They remember the first time they saw these films, and how they felt when seeing Jaws emerge from the water the first time or what they thought when Luke Skywalker learned the truth about his father. If they were children at the time, they might even remember playing their own versions of these movies with friends.

Friendships are often forged on movies.

It only makes sense to make a memorable experience like a birthday more memorable by making it a movie…with friends.

*Original 10 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas*

Planning 10 year old birthday party ideas means being current on trends in music, movies, television, social media, and more. Sometimes, busy parents lack the time and energy to know all the hottest trends among kids these ages. Forget asking teachers. After all, they have other responsibilities to tend to!

Parents that want to throw a party to remember for their ten-year-old should check out www.youngfilmacademy.co.uk . We know to plan and execute the ultimate child’s birthday party that is fun even for adults to watch, all for an affordable fee.

We specialise in youngfilm to make your child’s birthday memorable.

*The Perfect Ideas for Ten Year Olds*

Ten is the first double-digit birthday a person celebrates so children turning this age look at it as a milestone. Parents like to mark the occasion as well because they recognize that while ten is not a teenager, the teenage years are not far behind. Parents often look at this birthday as one where they can do something with just a tinge of the teenage drama while prolonging the joy of being a kid.

*Our Party Themes*

We offer a stylish selection of party themes from which to choose. All of our themes answer children’s need for technology and fast-paced fun, but all of our themes also require that children use their imaginations via play acting, creating costumes, and more.

Our themes include:

(Popstar Party )

This party allows a maximum of twenty guests to film a music video set to a track of your choosing. We show up with our film crew to the home of the main popstar, or a venue that can hold that much star power in one place. It’s up to the parents—also known as the managers!—to choose. Once the time and place are arranged, everything naturally falls into place with that much talent around.

Here’s what to expect from the pop star video shoot:

-The shoot takes 3.5 hours.
-E-invites to send out to guests.
-A YFA filmmaker and a party assistant get the party and the shoot going.
-Our crew provides a PA system for the music.
-Our crew  brings the camera and post production equipment.
-Our crew provides a dazzling array of costumes and props.
-We create a downloadable party promo that can be shared with all of your pop star fans as desired.

These parties delight the birthday boys and girls to no end! It’s an absolute blast for them to use various settings to express themselves to a favorite song. We’ll capture them doing great group and solo dances.

Have them rehearse their parts ahead of time if they want to use complicated choreography, but keep in mind it’s best to keep it simple.

Another version of this theme is the Green Screen Pop Star Party.  It perfectly suits ages five-thirteen.

This theme is super fun! We shoot the pop stars in front of a green screen which allows them to change locations while performing the song of their choice, all without every leaving the room. When boogying in front of the green screen, there are hundreds of settings to choose from and we bring them right to your home or choice of venue.

This pop star party version lasts 3.5 hours and the basics include:

-Our crew creating themed e-invitations to send to all the pop stars.
-Our crew composed of YFA filmmaker and one party assistant attending the party.
-Our crew providing a music PA system.
-Our crew bringing all camera, green screen and post-production equipment
-Our crew providing a selection of costumes and props.
-Our crew creates downloadable copies of the Green Screen Popstar video for you to keep and share.
In other words, our crew takes care of all pop stars and managers!

(Movie Party)

The movie parties provide absolute mega fun for kids. We find that this theme option is the one that even parents want to take part in once they see how much fun the little movie stars are having.

Our film plots revolve around the following plots and characters:

-James Bond,
-military stories,
-Disney’s Snow White,
-wizard schools,
-Baker Street’s most famous detective,
-pirate adventures,
-film trailers,
-and more

It is possible to film customised scripts if planned. Contact us for more information and to discuss the possibilities. In the meantime, keep these parameters in mind:

-Our films work for ages 8-13.
-Our crew creates film-themed e-invitations to send to all the little movie star
-Our crew consists of four to six people, determined by theme and actors.
-Our crew brings and sets-up all camera, sound, editing and screening equipment
-Our crew provides props and costumes.
-The actors enjoy a big-screen premiere and awards ceremony,
-There is an exclusive Behind-the-Scenes feature.
-Our crew provides HD digital copies of the main film plus the  Behind-the-Scenes feature to share.

What kid won’t love spending an afternoon shooting a video or a movie with best friends, then opening gifts, playing games, and eating tons of naughty food? These ideas are the perfect solutions for 10 year old birthday party ideas.

(Movie Makers)

This theme allows a birthday boy or girl to make movies at their birthday party! Children work together in teams to  create an exciting film that premieres at the end of the day. This party lasts up to six hours and is arranged for up to fourteen guests. The basics of this party include:

-A film-themed e-invitation to send to all the young filmmakers.
-Two YFA filmmakers assisted by one crew member.
-Our crew brings all camera and editing equipment.
-Our crew brings the props and costumes.
-Our crew provides downloadable links to the films which you can keep and share as desired.

(Movie Parties)

This is similar to the Movie Makers party theme but  has some extras. This party can handle up to thirty guests, depending on the theme. Furthermore, the guests walk a red carpet to the premiere and receive extra perks such as Behind the Scenes special feature and an awards ceremony.

PLEASE NOTE: Clients must provide for all catering. Clients must care for all child supervision during the party. If assistance is needed in this matter, YFA can supply extra help for an additional fee.  Please take the time to hire extra assistance well in advance.

Contact us today to find out more about helping your 10-year-old hit this milestone in a way that will create cherished memories that last a lifetime., memories that belong to both kids and the parents.

*Elite Film Production for All Ages*

We do more than popstar videos and movie films for kids. In fact, we are known for firing up the party atmosphere wherever we’re invited. This is true no matter what age of person invites us over for a good time.

Our parties are legendary.  Look at some of the other amazing events we can coordinate for both kids and adults.

In conjunction with Genie Film, Genie Kids, and Magma Pictures, we arrange film shoot parties for birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and Christmas. The films shot via this production team partnership are highly individualised and private, with elite caliber production standards.

These scripts film all over the world using talented professionals from the film industry. These shoots must be booked well in advance and planned just like an actual film shoot.  When viewed, the quality looks like a film as opposed to a video.

The premieres for this masterpieces occur in the home, a client selected venue or even in cinemas across the globe. The choice is up to you.

One thing you have no choice about is how excellent you and your family and friends will look on film once the shoot wraps.

*Young Film Academy*

We not only film kids having fun, we show kids how to make their own films via our filmmaking school Young Film Academy (YFA).

YFA ranks as the leader of

-courses on filmmaking,
-film schools.
-filmmaking projects ranging from personal to communal, and
-outreach events to promote all of the films.

From our London location, we have helped 7,500 young people living in the UK accomplish the production of their first film. We cover big-premiere movies as well as film projects linked to school curriculums.

We hub partner with the British Film Institute (BFI) Film Academy Network in the search for new UK talent. We also YFA design and educational films for major art museums.

YFA courses and events include

-filmmaking programmes during school,
-filmmaking courses held over school holidays,
-filmmaking for troubled youth,
-film history and quizzes,
-outreach programmes in the community, and
-much, much more.

YFA encourages absolute professionalism in all of these endeavors. We expect students to work hard while learning about the proper conduct on a film set, managing a film set, and making a film.

Despite the hard work and learning requirements inherent to the filmmaking process, our students treasure the time they spend with us. They walk away with a tremendous sense of confidence, new skills, and enhanced creativity.
Check out youngfilmacademy.co.uk to learn more about our programme or contact us for information.

*Parties for Older Kids*

Yes, we mean you. The responsible one in the bunch. The adult.

Everyone loves to be on camera. It’s not just the kids. If you’ve always wanted to shoot your own popstar video or goof around to customised script, by all means let us help you attain your dreams of stardom!

Our film shoot parties liven up birthdays,  anniversary parties,  or drinks with colleagues to celebrate the holidays. By all means, reach out to us to arrange for one of our film shoot parties so you don’t miss out on all the fun.

As we stated before, these parties are not only for kids, but they make you feel like a kid at heart. They can also bring together people in the shared effort of making a killer screen debut.

We offer plenty of adult scripts based on favourites like

-adventure films,
-comedy films with drinking,
-British dramas,
-famous comic book detectives,
-James Bond,
-MTV style videos,
-funny bad horror,
-and Scorsese gangsters.

The stars of this films receive their copies after ten working days. It’s also possible to catch bloopers and behind the scene antics with our special Behind-the-Scenes feature.

These parties receive the same high caliber care,  promos, and  premiere options as our other parties.  Generally speaking, the party lasts from 10am-8pm. The crew breaks for editing between 5-7:30 pm.

*Corporate Films*

Additionally, we offer corporate filmmaking of the serious kind. We shoot many promotional and training videos for businesses both small and large via our sister production company, Magma Pictures.

We handle external and internal projects produced for use as branding, online PR, virals, and more. If you have a conference or other live work event, we can film that as well.

Our reputation for this service exceeds industry standards. We  use an in-house team of creatives to handle the production every step of the way.  This includes script development that conveys the ideas and the images to help promote and grow your company.  We know how to make your company look like the expert  it’s always been.

Keep our information handy and contact Young Film Academy whenever you want to celebrate, express, promote, and learn via film.