Q. Do I need a professional camera?

A. What was the Blair Witch Project shot on? What was 28 Days Later shot on? The best quality HD film cameras? No, Home Video Cameras! Thats all you need if you donʼt own one, you are sure to know someone who does. OK so the sound may not be great but you could always start by making silent film. Old fashioned... A little but as your learning its the best way. It challenges you to tell a story without words, Once you have mastered that you might want to invest in a microphone for sound recording.

Q. What software should I edit my film with?

A. All you need is a basic domestic editing package like imovie or Windows Movie Maker, almost all home computers have it as standard. If you don't have it you may know someone who does. ask around, your school is bound to have it.

Q. How do I write a good story?

A. First off you characters needs a Goal. Somebody has to want to get or achieve something in your story. When scripts are boring itʼs because no one wants anything. You also need obstacles as well. Through Obstacles we generate CONFLICT. Someone is trying to achieve something and someone or something wants to stop them. Think why do cops and robbers films work so well? So every story is really about a character trying to reach a goal.But they have to overcome obstacles in their way.

Q. How do I create characters?

A. Start by establishing a clear goal – someone wants something. What are the obstacles – who wants to stop them – and how do they overcome them – if at all. Who are their characters and how do they change.

Q. Where can I find actors?

A. There is no need to try and hire actors, all you need is friends and family even pets can play a part. Be creative.

Q. How can I get my film seen?

A. There are loads of film competitions and film festivals geared to young people. (See festivals and competitions page) so why not enter some! You can also upload your film to Youtube or Vimeo where you can reach a global audience. N.B. Make sure you talk to your parents first before entering competitions and uploading to the internet.

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