The best birthday party our 10 year old son has ever had! Brilliantly organised, beautifully run, incredibly exciting, wonderfully instructive and immaculately put together. The MovieParty team really know how to make films and inspire children. An amazing day!"

 Emma Freud and Richard Curtis
(Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones' Diary)

Simply the best kids filmmaking party - ever!


The concept is blissfully simple: which kid hasnʼt dreamed of being James Bond, or Alice in Wonderland? Which young moviegoer hasnʼt pictured themselves swashbuckling their way to the treasure? Why not save Hogwarts, be a Ninja Assassin or Special Forces Commando - or solve the unsolvable murder in the library? What more exciting or memorable way could there be to celebrate a birthday, than starring in your own film with all your friends?


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Youtuber School

8th April
Ages 12-13, 14-16 £150.00

4-Day Film School

9th-12th April
Ages 10-13 £590.00


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