The Sequel

The Sequel

Max no of Pupils

100, min. 20
75, min. 20
10-18 years old
Full Day (School timetable)
Contact us for pricing
Contact us for pricing
The skills that the students learn during the day are also used for later assignments within the curriculum. Students are easily able to apply these techniques and create films to support class texts or topics. In addition, the teachers use the skills that they learn through observation in other classes, including IB A1"
ACS Hillingdon International School

The Sequel is a unique practical filmmaking event for up to 100 students who have completed the One Day Film School and want to take their filmmaking skills to the next level.

The Sequel builds on skills already learned and introduces students to challenging new areas such as sound recording, editing, music and effects, to create professional results. Students shoot, edit and post-produce their own films, which can later be distributed via the school intranet or virtual learning environment (VLE).

Course Requirements:

We conduct The One Day Film School - The Sequel on school campus and bring along all the equipment to give the students a truly hands-on experience.

The practical requirements for the school are:

  1. one space large enough to accommodate all participants, with DVD screening facility
  2. space(s) large enough for the the students to work in teams of 8-10, with desks and chairs for editing
  3. access to power sockets
  4. photocopying/printing
  5. Pens/pencils
  6. staff presence throughout the day
Ideal For:
  • Oscars-style evenings for parents
  • Building on skills learned during One Day Film School
  • Schools wanting to bring digital filmmaking into classroom
  • Cross year group team-building
  • Arts weeks/festivals
  • Enrichment weeks
  • Summer post-exam period
  • Off-curriculum weeks
  • Recreation/educational weekend activity for boarders
Key Skills:
  • Information Technology
  • Working with Others
  • Communication
  • Problem solving

For enquiries, or to arrange a booking:
Tel: 020 7387 4341
24 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6EP

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