'Blooded' Screening and Q&A

'Blooded' Screening and Q&A

Max no of Pupils

15 years old and over
2hrs (80min screening, 40min Q&A)
The reaction to Blooded was universally positive. Pupils enjoyed the film itself and found it both gripping and thought-provoking. They were also thoroughly involved in the Q&A session. The themes, which include blood sports and extremism, are as relevant today as ever, and Blooded makes an excellent starting point for discussion both of the issues raised and the way these are expressed in cinematic terms."
Radley College

Blooded, the controversial British thriller, was released in UK cinemas by Revolver Entertainment in April 2011, followed by DVD and online distribution. Blooded was produced by Magma Pictures, sister company to Young Film Academy, and was written and directed by Young Film Academy directors Ed Boase and James Walker.

We are offering partner schools the exclusive opportunity to screen Blooded on campus and meet the core creative team behind the film.

Blooded has much of interest to offer students in the present media and political climate. The film is fictional, but purports to document a dramatic attack on a group of pro-fox hunting activists in a remote Scottish location - and the compelling drama that unfolds. The marketing campaign proved highly controversial, provoking the ire of both pro- and anti- hunt groups, and attracted press coverage in The Daily Mail, The Independent, Scotland on Sunday, Empire Magazine and Londonʼs Evening Standard.

"Picture-postcard beautiful and very frightening"   - EMPIRE

"A bold and thought-provoking film that will get your blood-pumping"  - LITTLE WHITE LIES

"A stunning debut and thrillingly tense - a genuine British must-see"  - Michael Deeley, Producer of The Italian Job, Blade Runner, The Deer Hunter

For full details of Blooded see www.bloodedmovie.com

Course Requirements:

We conduct the Blooded screening/Q&A on school campus. The practical requirements for the school are:

  1. one space large enough to accommodate all participants, with DVD screening facility
  2. staff presence
Ideal For:
  • Media studies groups
  • General Studies programme
  • Arts weeks/festivals
  • Enrichment weeks
  • Extra-curricular activity for large groups
Key Skills:
  • Communication
  • Communication technology
  • Problem solving

For enquiries, or to arrange a booking:
Tel: 020 7387 4341
24 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6EP

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