At YFA, we all believe that...

  • passion for the things you excel at starts early (Steven Spielberg made his first film aged 12!)
  • the future will contain many more screens. The children of today will use visual media throughout their lives to educate, inform, entertain, network, manipulate, communicate and more.
  • understanding how moving images are created should be a part of every childʼs education if they are to be properly equipped for the world they will live in.
  • many young people aged 6-19 want to make films, but don't because of a lack of confidence, knowledge or equipment.
  • filmmaking is about teamwork. Itʼs often hard for young filmmakers to find other enthusiastic young people to work with.
  • there is no reason why young people aged 19 shouldnʼt have showreels already - the only tried and tested launch-pad for careers in film and related industries.
  • completing a film - and not giving up halfway - gives young people a sense of achievement, pride and confidence that can positively impact other aspects of their lives.
  • students in schools who would otherwise find it hard to engage often thrive when they can express themselves through filmmaking.
  • filmmaking is about making films, not talking about making films. Getting out there and DOING it is the only way to learn!
  • the stars of the future will come from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.
  • to teach filmmaking itʼs not enough to be a filmmaker. Or a teacher. You must be both.

Youtuber School

24h-27th July
Ages 14-17 £590.00

Make A Film in a Day

29th May
St. John's Wood
Ages 8-10,11-12 £150.00


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