MovieParties for Adults

MovieParties for Adults

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I always wanted to be in a real movie and never thought that would ever happen to me! Thank you for making my dream come true!
Mira Mikati
Unleash the big kid in you and make your loved one the star of their own movie! MovieParties for adults are amazing: get your friends to co-star alongside you, and kick off your red carpet party with a champagne premiere screening!

With MovieParties for adults, you get to star in a Hollywood-style movie with your friends and host a premiere screening and awards ceremony in your own home at the end of the same day. You get copies of your film to keep, plus the option to include a Behind-the-Scenes special feature, to record those hilarious moments you’ll want to remember forever... 

How does it work?
  • event duration: 10am-8pm (break for editing between 5-7.30pm)
  • choose one of our cinema themes (click HERE for our themes for adults), or suggest your own favourite theme 
  • invite a maximum of 10 friends to join you for the production part of the day (10am-5pm)
  • our film crew arrives at your house (or venue) with all the equipment they need to script, shoot, post-produce and screen your movie
  • invite an unlimited number of guests to join you on the red carpet for your big-screen Premiere at 7.30pm
  • 10 working days after the party, you receive digital copies of your film to share

Packages include:
  • film crew (3-6 person crew, depending on theme/number of guests)
  • make-up, choreographers, fight choreographers (for selected themes)
  • selection of props/accessories
  • all cameras, sound and editing equipment
  • optional Behind-the-Scenes extra feature
  • screen, projector and sound system for big-screen Premiere
  • awards ceremony
  • digital copies of your completed film, plus web links to share 
Good For:
40th/50th/60th Birthdays - or any birthday where something unique and special is called for
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