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OMG!!! Absolutely incredible! You have superseded all expectation! I cannot thank you and your Genie Film team enough. The only problem is that now I can’t believe I have to wait 2 weeks to show the film to our guests!
Suzette Shahmoon
Our sister-company Genie Film produce outstanding and unique cinema-style films for screening at Bah & Bat Mitzvahs.

Choose a film theme to tie in with your event, and Genie Film's professional screenwriters will create a movie script just for you, so you can incorporate the in-jokes your audience will love, and create roles for all the family. Then it's time to step on set: our professional film crew come to you for the shoot and turn you into A-list stars!

You can make alterations to the final edit to get the film just how you want it. And when it's completed, showcase the completed cinema-quality movie at an event on the big screen and completely wow your guests, who won't believe what they’re seeing! And if you want to shoot in multiple locations (or abroad) that just adds to the fun...

Previous Genie Films have included:
Jason Bourne-style action film (London)
The Hangover (London)
Harry Potter (London & Loire valley)
Alice in Wonderland (Geneva)
James Bond (Italy, Swiss Alps & London)
MTV-style Music Video (London)

Details of Genie Film's packages can be found on the Genie Film website.

To discuss a cinema package, call Genie Film on 0207 121 6353, or email
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parents looking for amazing films starring your family to screen at Bah or Bat Mitzvah celebrations
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