Virtual Film School

Virtual Film School

Max no of Pupils

1 hour (incl screening, 45 mins without)
Pupils using the Virtual Film School learned more about filmmaking in one hour than I thought would be possible. It was easy to access and simple to follow. The films they made looked fantastically professional and highly polished. The pupils greatly enjoyed the day and the freedom they were given to be as creative as possible.
Eastbury Comprehensive School

A great online introduction to Camera & Editing using iMovie for iPad. 

The Virtual Film School: Camera & Editing is a ground-breaking initative designed to get filmmaking going in UK classrooms. Without any prior knowledge or experience, teachers can simply hit PLAY in the video window (above) and - along with their students - watch a step-by-step guide in how to make a professional-looking film using iMovie 2.0 for iPad.

For free.

In just one hour, pupils learn the basics in camera and editing, then shoot (and edit) a short film for screening at the end of the session.

Teachers and students alike can use skills learned in further filmmaking projects to explore classroom topics and texts. Documentaries looking at the impact of WW1, behind-the-scenes looks at art exhibitions and creative responses to Shakespeare texts are just some of the ways schools have benefitted from the Virtual Film School. 

Everything you need to run the Virtual Film School in your classroom is on this page. What's stopping you? And please let us know what you think! Email:

Course Requirements:
The Virtual Film School takes place on school campus, and is entirely guided by a member of school teaching staff. Practical requirements are minimal: 
  • iPads with iMovie 2.0 (£2.49 from the App Store) must be available (1 iPad per 6-8 pupils). 
  • 1 x Teacher Pack printed (see PDF links, below) to be read beforehand
  • 1 x 3-Shot Film Planner printed (see PDF links, below) per group
  • Pens/pencils
  • Students divided into groups (min. 4, max 8 pupils) to sit together from the start of the session
Ideal For:
  • Promoting Digital Creativity in the classroom
  • Curriculum-based film projects 
  • Schools with iPads
  • Teachers with little/no practical film experience
  • Group work (students work cooperatively together)
  • Students with difficulty engaging in traditional school methods
  • Sharing student work (school intranet, VLE)
  • Skilling up students for industries of the future
Key Skills:
  • Digital Creativity
  • Working with Others
  • Communication
  • Problem solving

For enquiries, or to arrange a booking:
Tel: 020 7387 4341
24 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6EP

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