Course Testimonials

Course Testimonials

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"Wonderful approach! The course followed out a variety of essential ideas in filmmaking so that pupils are prepared to create their own films from now on! Dividing and sharing tasks was brilliant, because everybody in the team could try standing behind or in front of the camera. My son was delighted with that!”

Luiza Antuaneta Popescu

“I just wanted to write to thank all those involved in last weeks film school in St John’s Wood.  Archie had a wonderful time and the finished film he did with his group is great. Sadly we are unable to attend the screening on 1st Sept but look forward to receiving the DVD of his efforts. Hope you have a successful rest of the summer and thanks again." 

Juliet de Watteville

“Jake said it was he best course he has ever done and he is very picky and critical about what he does and doesn’t like. He loved every day!”

Saskia Willis


Jak took part in your YFAcademy on 23-26 July....and he LOVED it! He's still raving about it in eMails and phone calls to me...of course I have to rib him about all the fan-mail to arrive...! He can't wait till it previews in a West End theatre...he'll be there with boots on...and so will Mum and Dad! What a brilliant idea for these kids...big THANKYOUS to you and the team. Keep at it!! Once again, many, many thanks .....who knows just where this Film School experience will lead Jak...All the best for Opening Night...does 'break a leg' apply to movies!?"

John McArthur (Student Grandfather)

"Milo had a wonderful time and declared the Four-Day Film School ‘awesome’. He really enjoyed every aspect of it from scripting and storyboarding, to performing and editing. The tutors were excellent and the totally hands-on have-a go-approach was not only fun but very effective, they produced a really great little film. Milo totally loved the course – he was really engaged with the whole thing and delighted with the finished film. The tutor was excellent. Many thanks to you all. (My other three kids are all waiting until they are old enough to do the course!)”

Tara Fraser

“The Young Film Academy was a huge success for Henry. He used the skills he has learned to set up a film club at school and the seven of them are working on a film which he is showing on the 30th.  He is now very keen to apply to your Saturday courses for talented teenagers when he is older. It got him confident moving on to making films with people rather stop motion animation with Lego.”

Miranda Worsley

"A long overdue note to say thank you again for the film course which Ben really enjoyed – I had meant to do this at the time but got caught up in other things. Thanks also for sending the copy of the film in the post, it’s great and Ben’s teacher is going to show it to his class I believe. Many thanks again for a wonderful first experience for Ben into film-making!"

Elizabeth Daley

“Ben had the BEST time on the course!”

Alice Philipps

“Just a word of thanks, my daughter really enjoyed film-making with Tim and Tristan heading her team in the 4-day course at Christ Church West Wimbledon. Despite missing one of the four days with jet-lag, she spent her time well. The showing at Soho Screening rooms, with welcome sweets and drinks was a lovely idea. I have to say I was pretty impressed, with their finished film, its humour, content and style, thoroughly enjoyable. Excellent! Many thanks to you and your team for helping the children achieve all this!”

Louise Duckworth

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the whole team for making last weeks course so enjoyable for my daughter.  She was thrilled to be part of it and is now fired up even more to get going with her own film making."

Angela Hodges

“I have to tell you that Serena had the BEST time at the course.  She was so enthused by it all, and really loved the people and the entire experience. PLEASE let us know when your next London based film camps/courses are!”

Sam Shakshir

“All the boys loved every second of making the film. It was all a great success and we are looking forward to seeing the results.”

Sarah Chatto

"I wanted to thank you for organising this course, Stefan was absolutely brilliant and Damian really did bond with him quickly.  Stefan was very easy to get along with, respectful and fun.  I know Damian was really very pleased with what was produced and is flying back to the states today planning a sequel and prequel!"

Kelly Hooper

"Young Film Academy provided my sons with an excellent week of education and fun. Their short film really surprised us all with its excellent artistic and technical merit - their imaginations have been sparked.  Thank you and thank you!"

Richard Pierson (Editor, Quantum of Solace, The Bourne Supremacy)

"Your courses are excellent for young people. They get a taste of the craft of filmmaking, in all departments, and I was astonished by the speed at which they learned!" 

Jim Clark (Editor, The Killing Fields, Memphis Belle, The World is Not Enough)

"Young Film Academy creates the perfect forum for education - learning with fun!"

Mother of YFA student

“It was an intense thrill ride, which I will never forget”

Anders Pearson (16)

“It was a great experience that got everyone involved.”

Nolan Pearson (17)

“It’s awesome! I want to do it again!”

Harrison Raine (11)

“I tried each of the roles discovering that there isn’t a dull second in making films!”

Harry Warrener (13)

"My children had one of the best weeks of their lives!"

Mrs K Norman

"I never dreamed I could actually MAKE a movie! I felt so proud!"

Isabel Elson (12)

“My son Thomas and his friends Jack and Harry all enjoyed the day very much. Thomas said the experience was invaluable and was very enthusiastic about the whole workshop. Watching TV that evening, he was able to point things out they had touched on during the day, such as moving from left to right on camera rather than walking straight towards it. He would definitely love to take part in another workshop.”

Cathy Tutaev

“Richard really enjoyed the workshop and his only query is, when's the next one?”

Russell Smithson

“Max thoroughly enjoyed Film Fantastic’s Film In a Day workshop and just want to 'do it again many times'! I think the guys covered a lot of things in a day. It worked out really well and the children got a lot out of it. Combination of team building, work as group, overall technical issues gave great results and I would recommend it to others.”

Brigitte Lelievre

“All 3 boys enjoyed the day - Dan enjoyed the editing and would have liked the day to go on for longer and Alex enjoyed playing a Ninja!”

Helen Lyons

“Nathan had a a fabulous day and was so animated all the way home and is still talking about the film making day - it was the best day of his life so far apparently! Will be back in touch for the 4 day course for next year.”

Sharon Calcott

"The BFI Film Academy is one of the most worthwhile experiences I have ever had; not only did I learn an unbelievable amount about film-making, and produce something that I am incredibly proud of, but also have made many useful contacts, and met an entire team of like-minded people to make films with in the future. All this, paired with gaining an arts leadership award, has left me with an unforgettable experience."

Luisa Charles (BFI Film Academy student)


“A fantastic learning experience, and a springboard into the british film industry.”

Hamish Rea (BFI Film Academy student)

“We have come to the end of our 10 week course. I’ve learnt a huge amount and had a lot of fun - and made a film! A big thanks to Nic and Stefan for making it such a great experience.”

Noah Judge (BFI Film Academy student)

"Writing in January, I said in my application to this course that ”the opportunity to spend ten Saturdays in the company of other dedicated young filmmakers and industry experts would be an incomparable and truly wonderful experience that I would never forget.”  Although I didn’t know that then, eleven weeks later I can drop the conditional tense, and say that it really was. I have learnt so much, tried so many new things, met so many talented people, developed and improved my filmmaking knowledge and skills, had so much fun, and helped create something that I am truly proud of. It has enriched my present and helped direct my future. Thank you so much to everyone, particularly to Nic and Stefan for their guidance and support, and everybody at BFI and YFA who accepted my application and made the course possible. I am already missing turning up at the Barbican Centre at 9.50 every Saturday, but I will see everyone again, and a DVD containing Cameron, Victimised and their 'making of's should be on the doormat soon."

Benedict Flett (BFI Film Academy student)

"Over the last 10 weeks I have learnt more about film than I’ve managed to learn in my entire life - which is either very sad or very impressive (your decision). I’ve learnt how to control a film camera (very different to my dslr), how to work with people I may not always agree with and how to make a successful film. I feel like I’ve met my arts challenge - and more - because I never thought the film would turn out to be as good as it did - we can hopefully submit it to film festivals and the adventure will continue. In an ‘art director’ perspective, I pretty much worked solely on that - even though I seemed to be doing the sound rather a lot more than I’d originally anticipated (this also turned out to be much harder than I’d thought). I consulted with the crew about the way the film and sets looked, the costumes and checked for any consistency errors. Overall, I think I have been successful in my aims and hope I can progress with film into the future."

Juliet Gibbs (BFI Film Academy student)

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